Whole Wheat Pancake Mix

Although made from scratch pancakes and waffles are hard to beat I have found a mix that can hold it’s own to homemade! Hodson Mill Whole Wheat Buttermilk Pancake Mix is full of flavor and fiber. My daughter and I saw it at the grocery store and decided to try it. The waffles crisp up nicely and they fill you up as opposed to their white flour counterparts. Last night we used the mix for pancakes but in my rush to get everyone to the table to eat I forgot to snap a photo. I guess you can chalk it up to me being a blogger “newb” as my son would say! I did however get a nice photo of the last batch of waffles I made. Since my children were little (they are both now in college) they have always enjoyed having typical breakfast foods for dinner. I have to say I like it too. I don’t often make a big traditional breakfast any more since we are all on different schedules.  It is nice to take a break from the usual fare and crisp up some lean center cut bacon or turkey breakfast sausage, brown some potatoes in a skillet with onions, scramble a few eggs or egg whites and have some hearty waffles or pancakes. How about you, do you ever have breakfast for dinner?

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