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I ended up taking son David to the doctor as he broke out in a rash and his temperature was hovering around 101. The doctor said it was viral and might run it’s course in 5 days! We are on day 5 today and he still feels pretty lousy. This is not a good start to the college semester but he is a quick study so he will get caught up soon enough.

I have been disinfecting the house of the campus germs he has brought home with him. I did laundry the entire day yesterday, stripping beds and washing all the throws and blankets he has been using since getting sick. Scrubbing every surface that can be scrubbed. I am pulling out new tooth brushes for him and putting his electric tooth brush head in the ultrasonic cleaner. Germs beware as nurse mom is on duty! Chicken soup, noodles, rice, bananas and applesauce have been consumed so we are well on our way to good health.


Another thing I started doing last year with the big Swine Flu epidemic going on, was to buy a case of dispenser type C fold paper towels at one of the warehouse stores. I use them in the main bathroom of our house. That way a hand towel is not in service as a germ carrier. They are not pretty but they are functional and I just set a stack of them on my bathroom counter next to the sink. I know it’s not environmentally friendly but hey people, I’m trying to stop the spread of germs!

If you want to set something out that looks nicer when company comes over I found this Kleenex brand disposable hand towels in a dispenser at Target. You can turn the container upside down and it fits behind your towel bar and becomes it’s own little dispenser! How clever is that?



The doctor suggested David drink more Gatorade and get his electrolytes back up. Of course I had already done that as well as give him pure coconut water to drink. I sometimes buy the fresh young coconuts at Whole Foods or the Asian market and use the coconut water in my smoothies. Then I discovered some brands of canned pure coconut water and trust me when I say it is much easier to pop open the lid of the can than it is to puncture a hole in a hard raw green coconut and get the water out. I am talking about a young green coconut and it’s water not to be confused with coconut milk which is a far different product!

There are many different brands of canned coconut water on the market right now and it seems to be a current trendy item at health food stores. Be sure to look for a brand that is pure and does not have a lot of other things added to it. I buy this one at Whole Foods. The Asian markets also carry several brands but I have found that most of them have little floaty bits of coconut meat in them and I prefer the ones that are free of floaty bits!

8 ounces of Pure coconut water contains 244 mg of potassium , 10g sugar, 0 g fat, 42 mg sodium and 76 calories.

All natural, no fake ingredients, no food coloring, just a pure natural isotonic beverage. Great for athletes after a hard work out. Good for adding  more nutrients to a smoothie and perfect for restoring essential minerals and salt balance after being ill. It has a slightly sweet, salty flavor. Interestingly enough it does not taste like coconut.

Compare the nutritional facts to the better known Gatorade. The pure coconut water contains 244 mg of potassium compared to Gatorade at only 30 mg for 8 ounces. David drank down the coconut water but of course he prefers the taste of the Gatorade.



A natural remedy for an upset tummy is of course ginger. You can make a little bit of ginger tea by pouring boiling water over a peeled chunk of fresh ginger and let it steep. Of course there is no way my son would let that touch his lips! He will however let one of these Gin-Gin candies dissolve slowly in his mouth to sooth his sore throat and ease his upset tummy. Carry them with you when you travel, you will be glad you did. Check out their store locator here. I found these at Whole Foods but many health food stores also carry them. The taste of ginger is subtle and soothing. They also make a variety of other ginger products and all that I have tried are equally as delightful!


I weighed in today and I was up two pounds from before we left for San Francisco. All of my walking didn’t result in burning off all the extra calories I consumed even though I felt like I came home thinner! Appetizers with a small glass of wine, late dinners and dessert 3 nights in a row do add up.  I ate what I wanted in moderate portions, I enjoyed myself, I didn’t feel deprived or feel like I was eating badly. For me it was a success no matter what the scale says! The truth teller is how my clothes fit and how I feel!

No worries as I know that after a week of  drinking more water and eating healthy fresh food again the weight will even out and I will be back down. I weighed 132.8 today and I had weighed 130.8 prior to our visit to the city. I still have a goal of reaching 130. It is within reach!

Knee deep in germ warfare and winning!




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  1. Carol says:

    Hope David kicks that virus very soon Tami! I like the idea of disposable hand towels…hope the Kleenix brand makes it’s way up to Canada. I hate hand towels by the sink!

    Your gain might be water weight & you’ll soon drop it!!!!

    I hate to brag but I have only had one minor cold & a small bout of a stomach virus in 17 years! I put it down to the supplements I take and my doctor says I have a very strong immune system!

  2. Dawne says:

    Feel better David! Tis the season…back to school germs. Not looking forward to next week…

  3. Weight Watcher Wannabe says:

    When I was preggo this nice lady shared her ginger candy relief thingy with me. I can’t remember the name but it was for heartburn.. So nice and refreshing. Cured me of my heartburn asap…

    Hope your son feels better soon..

  4. Cammy@TippyToeDiet says:

    I shouldn’t write this because it’s inviting trouble, but I’m rarely ever sick. Even when I was obese, I didn’t seem to have many illnesses.

    There, now I’ve gone and jinxed myself. 🙂 Hope your son feels better soon!

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