Chili Lime Jicama

Jicama (pronounced – hicama) is a sweet tasting root vegetable. It is a popular vegetable in Mexico and is often sold prepared this way by street vendors. When shopping for jicama look for small to medium sized ones (about 2 pounds) that are firm as they will taste more sweet. When jicama get larger they are more starchy and woody. Peel the tough outer layer with a small sharp knife. Sometimes they will be coated with wax making them a little difficult to peel. Cut into sticks for this recipe or dice some to add to salads. You will love the sweet crunch it adds to salad greens or a slaw. Yum!

Chili Lime Jicama

  • 1 medium size jicama, peeled and cut into sticks
  • fresh limes -about 2
  • chili powder no salt added – to taste

Squeeze fresh lime juice over prepared jicama, sprinkle with chili powder – to taste. Crunch and munch to you hearts content!

Serves: Approx 6 – depending on the size of the jicama.

Adapted from Whole Foods


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  1. Donna Hampton Reeves says:

    When choosing jicama the ones that are not symmetrical are sweeter. Chose the ugly ones.

    1. Tami says:

      Good to know – thank you!

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