Favorite Summer Recipes

Today is the big move for son David. He was a little shocked at just how much stuff he has as we started to stack it in the garage in preparation for loading the truck this morning. To make things easier for moving day and a busy week ahead we did some big batch cooking over the weekend. Hubby Tom made his ever popular grilled chicken. Simply seasoned with Cavendar’s Greek Seasoning and cooked to perfection on the gas grill. Love it! He cooked up two value packs of boneless, skinless chicken breast and one value pack of chicken legs.

A BBQ isn’t complete without baked beans and these Honey Chipotle Baked Beans are my favorite.

Since Katy’s fiance introduced us to Grilled Corn on cob with lime juice and salt, we don’t want it any other way.

Even those who don’t think they like fresh green beans go crazy for these Green Beans with Lemon & Garlic.

I’ve been making the Potluck Potato Casserole for longer than I can remember. It’s a family favorite and feeds a crowd.

Yesterday in between boxing things up I tried a new Vegetarian recipe for tacos that turned out to be delicious and I will try and share the recipe later in the week. I’m going to skip my walk this morning as I think I will be getting plenty of exercise today moving boxes, unpacking and helping David get his kitchen organized. 🙂

Have a fantastic Monday!


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What is one of your favorite Summer meals? 

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  1. Carol says:

    Hi Tami,just popping by to say “HI” and hope all is well. I must spend some time reading your blog and catching up on what is happening with you.

    Favorite summer meals for me are salads and BBQ ! I love corn on the cob just like you do…no butter is needed when you use lime juice! I might try your potluck potato casserole while Scott & family are here.

    Hope the move goes smoothly and you will indeed get a work out!

    Have a great day!

    1. Tami says:

      Thanks for the well wishes Carol. So nice to know that Scott and family are coming soon!

  2. Helen says:

    I found a lime seasoning that takes corn on the cob over the top for me. Even if the corn is boiled, it just adds a special kick that makes it extra delicious.

    I agree: it’s lots of hard work packing and moving. Plenty of exercise.

    1. kim says:

      What is your lime seasoning that you use on the corn?

      1. Tami says:

        We just grill the corn, then squeeze fresh lime juice over it and salt. It’s so simple but delicious.

  3. Andrea@WellnessNotes says:

    Hope everything goes well with the move! BTW, I tasted the TJ’s spinach & kale Greek yogurt dip at a baby shower over the weekend, and I really liked it!

    Favorite summer dish? Anything caprese. I just love the combo of tomatoes, mozzarella & basil.

  4. Linda says:

    I remember moving days like it was yesterday. LOTS of exercise. Lots of excitement and emotions – have a great day!

  5. Jane says:

    Good luck today! Moving is super hard work! Your beans and potato casserole both look so good!

  6. Tish says:

    Your summer plate looks great. We had corn on the cob last night, but I forgot about fancying it up. Next time.
    Good luck helping your son move. We were helping our son (35) and his wife move to their new house this weekend. DH helped spray insulation in the hot hot attic and I watched the kiddos Friday and Saturday with a “sleepover” on Friday night. It never stops, the willingness to help your kids.

  7. The Candid RD (Gina) says:

    I’ll be honest, my FAVORITE summertime food is baked beans! I know I can get them anytime, but it’s the first thing I think about when I think of summer grilling. Crazy, right? I’m gonna check out this honey chipotle recipe stat!

  8. Jody - Fit at 54 says:

    Hi Tami – so much going on!!!! Wow! Me – I eat the same pretty much all year round – very boring! 😉 I do like the seasonal fruit though! 🙂

  9. Cammy@TippyToeDiet says:

    Thank you for the Cavender’s reminder! I don’t remember the last time I had it, but it’s such a simple (and flavorful!) way to season chicken.

    My favorite summertime meal is tuna salad with fresh summer tomatoes and a side of cold melon. Lately I’ve been enjoying cold barbecued chicken sandwiches (or wraps) with coleslaw. Hot weather=cold foods, for me!

    Be careful with your back on the moving!

  10. janine says:

    Best wishes for an easy move. I know there’s a LOT of stuff to do, but you’re organized, so that’s certainly going to help. Good luck to him in his new place, too.
    I tried the spinach kale dip from TJ’s this weekend, and really liked it. It’ll be added to my permanent list now.
    Favorite summertime meal: fresh tomato, pasta, feta salad with sundried tomato dressing. Also am enjoying all the fresh fruits.

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