Progress Not Perfection Weighing In Week 19 / 17 Day Diet

This isn’t what I had intended to post about today but my week hasn’t gone the way I thought it would so I am trying to go with the flow. It seems that son David and I have come down with sore throats and sinus issues. Nothing nearly as bad as what hubby Tom has been suffering from for the past two weeks but it packs enough punch to slow us down. Needless to say my to do list is not getting checked off as fast as I had planned. Sigh. Today we both feel a little bit better so we are hoping its coming to an end. ūüôā

¬†On my last weigh in post about¬†the 17 Day Diet, Sharon asked me some questions which included this one,” “In your ‚Äúmental‚ÄĚ process, are you still thinking in terms of cycles?¬† Or just higher carb days vs. lower carb days?¬† Do you still consider yourself on the 17DD moving around among the four cycles?¬† And are there any foods at all you still consider completely off-limits i.e. white flour, white sugar, etc?”

¬†Sharon inspired me to give the 17 Day Diet a try after she posted about her success with this food plan on her blog, Gains and Losses Through Sharon’s Eyes. Hence, her interest in my “mental” process as I move towards maintenance.

¬†I hadn’t really given this any thought until Sharon asked me about it. I don’t pay attention to the food lists of each different cycle of The 17 Day Diet¬†anymore. The food list is more restrictive in Cycle 1, with each subsequent cycle you get a broader list of food choices.¬†Instead, I¬†seem to¬†work my food plan with a couple¬†days lower carb, then toss in a day with some healthy carbs like a sweet potato, oatmeal, corn tortillas or a whole grain wrap. Then back to a couple of lower carb days. The lower carb days are nothing like Atkins low carb. I still have fruits, yogurt or Kefir on my lower carb days.

¬†Just out of curiosity I looked back over my food journal on My Fitness Pal and it looks like my lower carb days run in the range of 77 – 120 carbs a day. My higher carb days go up to around 200 carbs a day. On all those days I stay right around 1200 calories. Cycle 4 does include having some weekend freedom by choosing to have 1-3 meals that include some of your favorite foods that you don’t eat on a daily basis. Come Monday you return to eating the foods from the other 3 cycles. That has actually been what I do when we travel or eat away from home on the weekends and it has worked well for me even while going through weight loss, but I try to make it just one weekend meal that includes higher calorie foods.

Now that I am entering the maintenance phase of things I’m not sure what will change. I have to try things out and see how it goes. I¬†plan to keep¬†doing what I have been doing, tracking my food on My Fitness Pal, weighing weekly to catch any trend towards gaining, keeping up with my exercise routine and eating healthy! My daily calories might change but not my food choices.

Off Limits!

I don’t have any foods that I consider off limits for good. I have had that all or nothing thinking in the past and it sets me up for failure. I do however have foods that will forever be “limited.” White sugar, white flour, fried foods, bacon and¬†butter are what come to mind right now. Of course chips, dips, cookies¬†and stuff like that are not a part of my regular¬†food plan. I will enjoy a few¬†bites at a party or a special meal now and then.¬†I have cholesterol issues so my diet reflects the need to watch the cholesterol I consume. I will still enjoy a BLT this summer without guilt but it’s a limited special meal not a regular menu item. I no longer bake every week like I use to. Instead I¬†make myself the single serving¬†protein muffins¬†made with healthier ingredients like coconut flour instead of white flour.

Sharon also was interested in seeing a before the 17 Day Diet photo and an after photo. Well I went back through my photos and since I am usually the one behind the camera there was only one before photo on this post here taken about the time I started the 17 DD. The photo below I took of myself in March. This was a before shot I took to document how my bat wings looked before I started working out with weights again.

March 2012

June 2012

Bat wings under control!

I have to thank Jody¬†@ Truth To Being Fit for giving me a work out plan to improve the strength and firmness of my upper arms. She answered about a hundred questions I had about working out and has encouraged me along the way. She is my role model for being fit over 50! ¬†I didn’t think I had really made much improvement until I went back and looked at my before photo. It is my desire to have even firmer arms and I am working towards that goal. In fact I am actually enjoying these workouts. It feels good to feel strong and powerful! Girl power rocks! Do I have the perfect body I would like to have? No, my hips and thighs are still bigger than I wish they were but I am happy with my progress. With continued exercise and healthy eating I know that my body will continue to change and evolve. I also know that I am doing the best I can right now and that is good enough for me. ūüôā I am focusing on progress not perfection.

Weighing In Week 19 on The 17 Day Diet

For some crazy reason I dropped another 2 pounds this past week! That makes for a total of 18.2 but I think this last 2 pound lost is a temporary dip. My eating has been off this week since I don’t feel well and when I resume eating my normal portions the scale will reflect that.

These photos were taken earlier this week.

 While out shopping for a dress for the wedding I found this cute little sundress on the clearance rack for half price and it had to come home with me. I can always use a little summer dress to add to my collection.

I feel like my success is more about what I do “consistently” on a daily basis rather than what I do “occasionally” that will have the greatest impact on my health and my weight. That is true for both my food and exercise.

¬†It’s about moderation for me and never saying never! Just knowing I can have something if I want it is sometimes good enough. Then I feel like I am making the choice not to have it, rather than feeling like I “can’t” have it. Does that make sense?

 Have a fantastic weekend everyone!


Let me know your thoughts – leave a comment!

Do you have any foods that are off limits forever?

What is your approach to weight loss or maintaining your weight? 

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  1. Leslie says:

    Wow Tami – you have done fantastic. What a difference in your arm! It looked fine in the before, but much more definition in the after…good work. You look very lean and healthy in the pics, despite not feeling up to snuff this week. You continue to be one of my inspirations!

  2. Jody - Fit at 54 says:

    Tami – first – thank you for the mention BUT YOU DID THIS ON YOUR OWN! ūüôā You lost the weight & that showed up that great muscle tone underneath!! You look amazing & love that dress!

    I really like how you learned from this 17 day diet & then were able to modify to meet what works best for you. It is all about learning & changing as we need to by learning our bodies! I think you are there! You know how to work it as you age & make sure you are hanging with your body – not that I like all the changing going on with mine! ūüėČ

    Hope everyone feels better soon! Have a good weekend!

  3. Andrea@WellnessNotes says:

    You’ve done REALLY well! Your arms look great! Like you, I’ve really learned to love weight training. I love feeling strong! ūüôā

    I completely agree with you that our weight is affected most by what we do consistently. I sometimes gain some weight because “once in a while foods” become “more frequent” foods. At that point, I take a good, honest look at what I am eating and try to go back to the way I used to eat.

    Hope you’ll fee better soon!

    P.S.: You look wonderful in your new dress!

  4. janine says:

    You look just beautiful. You’ll make a most stunning mom of the bride–you’ll look more like a sister of the bride! What a huge difference in your arms too. The before looked just fine to me–but the after is amazing! Sounds like this new way of eating is going to be working out just perfectly for you. Get well wishes–hope you’re back to fighting fit in short order.

  5. Tish says:

    Tami, You look great! I especially like the arm photos. Please share your workout. My own batwings could use some attention. I do hit the gym two or three times a week, but perhaps do not pay enough attention to upper arm exercises.
    Hope you and yours start feeling better SOON. No fun being a sickie.

  6. Sharon says:

    So sorry you aren’t feeling well. I know how frustrating that is at any time, but especially when you feel there is so much to do in getting ready for an event. You just don’t want to slow down.

    Thanks for the attention to my questions. That was very, very helpful and I’m sure there will be more along the way. Hopefully, I’m only a couple of weeks behind you in starting official “maintenance” and once back home, will be writing a post similar to this.

    Yes, for me, there will always be a few foods that are off limits. The part that is hard to explain in words is that it’s totally o.k. I no longer perceive them as being off limits – I simply no longer want or crave them not even as “treats.” When I seen them, I don’t think “treat.” I imagine its because its been so long since I’ve had them that the taste sensation is totally foreign to me and my reaction is the same as if I’m looking at display of anchovies.

    I’m really looking forward to sharing maintenance tips together.

  7. Weight Watcher Wannabe says:


  8. Veronica says:

    Tami, you are an inspiration and I love your dedication to a healthy lifestyle and making progress, not attaining perfection. Perfection would make you crazy–we’ve all tried to attain it and we always fail! Progress is a great way to put it. You look fabulous!

  9. Jane says:

    Tami, you look great! Congrats on your hard work – it is paying off! I think that is a great mantra – progress not perfection.

  10. Marisa @ Loser for Life says:

    Hi Tami!!! You look amazing! I would love to know your arm workout routine – maybe you can do a post on it sometime? I could really use some help for these bat wings ūüôā

    Feel better soon!

  11. Linda P says:

    You look good enough to shorten your skirt length!

  12. Biz says:

    I somehow missed this post – you look beautiful Tami! Another reason I need to start weight training!

  13. Alina R says:

    Can you post the arm workouts?

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