What’s In My Trader Joe’s Shopping Cart?

I try to avoid going grocery shopping on the weekends as the stores are so crowded then. If you get up early and go as soon as the stores open it’s not so bad since a lot folks like to sleep in on the weekends. I am one of those people who wakes up early nearly everyday of the week!  Morning are my favorite time of the day. I know not everyone lives near a Trader Joe’s but if you do be sure to look for these items the next time you are shopping.

TJ'S Organic Kale

It doesn’t get easier than this, already cut washed, ready to use organic Tuscan Kale. Kale is so versatile, packed with healthy nutrients and very tasty! If you haven’t added it into your diet give it a try. I use it in everything from smoothies, soups, salads to a simple sauté. Check out these recipes, Kale Broccoli Slaw, Kale Waldorf Salad, Kale Saute, Kale Salad with Pinenuts, Pomegranate Green Smoothie.

Trader Joes Whole Wheat Pita

My favorite whole wheat pita bread is from Trader Joe’s. Since it doesn’t contain preservatives be sure to store it in your refrigerator.

Trader Joes Whole Wheat Pita

Perfect for dipping in some homemade hummus, stuffing with Rosemary Chicken Salad or Turkey Gyros. Use as a crust for a personal pizza or stuff it with scrambled eggs for an easy breakfast pita!

Trader Joes Garlic

This is so convenient and a time saver! No more peeling garlic. When it gets close to the expiration date I pop the garlic in the freezer. Other brands can be found in the produce department of your regular grocery store.


Ready to eat beets – I know it doesn’t take but a few minutes to cook beets in the microwave but sometimes even that seems like too much work when you want a healthy side dish or salad toppings in a hurry. Read all about the health benefits of beets. One of my favorite smoothies has beets in it see the recipe for my Berry Beet Smoothie.


Trader Joes

A crunchy little side dish to serve along side Chicken with Garlic Sauce Stir Fry  or a hot steamy bowl of Easy Won Ton Soup. 


TJ's Seeweed Snacks

We all have different likes and dislikes. Hubby Tom likes  – I dislike!

TJ's Seeweed Snacks

They taste like – seeweed!

TJ's Lemon Curd

 This ready made lemon curd is a good item to keep in the pantry. You can stir a little into some non-fat Greek yogurt for a special treat or use it to make this easy delicious Lemon Coconut Bar Recipe.

TJ's Lemon Curd

 It’s not low calorie or a heath food by any means but it’s a special treat now and then.

Disclaimer -These food finds were items that I found and bought with my own money. I wasn’t given any of these items for free nor was I asked  to review these products or paid to do so!

Nutmeg Notes

New Blog Reading

I stumbled across a blog called Simply Nourished Living that contains Weight Watcher friendly recipes, weight loss and healthy eating tips.

If you like to use a slow cooker this is a good resource  – Slow Cooker From Scratch.

Half Size Me blog posts her menu plans (sometimes she includes links to my recipes) which might help you with your own menu.

A new blog called All Free Casserole Recipes has asked if they can post some of my recipes. If you like casseroles this site is for you.


The weekend is upon us and I for one am looking forward to it. The weather is going to be nice so I am hoping to go for another outdoor walk/easy hike! The outdoors is calling my name and I aim to work my legs again with the hope they won’t be as sore post walking as they were after last weekends walk.

That also means I need to cook today so we can eat leftovers on the weekend. The outdoor walk/hikes wear us out and by the time we get home there is no way any cooking is going to take place.

Happy Weekend!


Leave a comment and let me know you were here.

What are your weekend plans?

Have you found any new blogs to read ?


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  1. Sharon says:

    As you know, my Trader Joes has only been open since last summer and I am still in total awe. It is just around the corner from where Bill and I walk every morning at 7, so I am usually the first (and sometimes only) customer in the store on any given morning. I love just wandering around finding new things especially since the store is empty. No one minds if I stand around reading the entire ingredient list or thinking about what I could do with a particular item. So far, there has only been one thing we DIDN’T like or wouldn’t purchase again and I can’t even remember what it was! Have a good weekend – hope you get to hike again!

  2. Tami says:

    I’m glad you are enjoying your Trader Joe’s Sharon. There have been a couple of prepared items I have bought that I didn’t care for. One was a frozen pizza that I didn’t like at all but usually their products are pretty good!

  3. Renee@Mykitchenadventures says:

    I’m with you on the seaweed. I tried it, ended up throwing it away. Couldn’t get past the fishy smell. Love the lemon curd too. Just have to be careful to measure out serving size. Very easy to go overboard with it because it’s so darn good. Love to pipe it into cupcakes for a filling. I haven’t been to TJ’s in some time. I need make a trip.

    Thanks for the links to new blogs! I am finally getting some time to visit my old standbys! lol

  4. Cammy@TippyToeDiet says:

    I love Martha’s blog, and I’m not even on Weight Watchers! 🙂

    No big plans here for the weekend. I had a busy week, so I’m hoping to get caught up on some household chores. Ugh.

  5. Jody - Fit at 55 says:

    WOW! Lots of TJ finds! I tend to go to what I know I want & try not to look around for fear of spending too much money but you have me with a list of things to search out – kale, beets & garlic cause I am lazy! 🙂 THX!!!!!

    I am so excited for nice weather this weekend! It is going to get yucky next week again so I am going out to enjoy it too! Have fun Tami!

  6. Betsy says:

    I’m planning a trip to Trader Joe’s soon; I was just looking through their flyer, and they had a few items that caught my eye. I want to try their 10-minute barley and 10-minute farro — like both these grains, but hesitate to make them when I’m trying to get dinner made quickly. Also, want to try their “reduced guilt” spinach and kale Greek yogurt dip. Have you tried any of these items?

    1. Tami says:

      Betsy I love the Kale Greek Yogurt – its delicious and I have served it to guests on more than one occasion. I have not tried the 20 minute barley or the 10 minute faro but happen to like both of those grains! Be sure to let me know how they are after you try them. Trader Joe’s is such a great place to shop! Happy Cooking!

  7. Linda Sharp says:

    Been so busy I keep forgetting to let you know…I received my NuNaturals and was amazed by the amount! I was thinking it would be one bottle of chocolate and one of peppermint but it also had the orange and lemon! I was so excited!!

    Anxious to try the peppermint! Woo-Hoo! Will keep you updated!


    1. Tami says:

      Linda thank your for letting me know your products arrived. I am so excited for you to give them a try! Be sure to report back what you do with them. 🙂

  8. AllFreeCasseroleRecipes says:

    We’re so happy to feature your recipes!

  9. Andrea@WellnessNotes says:

    I buy the kale and the beets a lot! So convenient!

    Hope you had a great weekend!

  10. Judy Wood says:

    Just read your blog–I love Trader Joes and have tried a couple of the products you mentioned—makes me feel like I am “in the know” when I’ve tried something you like! Also enjoy seeing new items to go try–I’ve never been disappointed by one of your recommendations!!

    1. Tami says:

      HI Judy! You are in the know girlfriend. 🙂 I think we like a lot of the same foods and flavor profiles. Be sure to pass along any good stuff you try – I love getting recommendations for tried and true finds. Different Trader Joe’s carry different items too. I was in the store close to Katy’s apartment and it’s a bigger store than the one close to me. So much fun to browse around and see what you can find. Happy Shopping!

  11. Miz says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS as we finally live near a TRADER JOES!

  12. Robyn says:

    I love this post! Even though Trader Joe’s isn’t a very large store there are often so many yummy foods I miss. When I see what other people find it sparks my desire to go back there and find it and try it! I think i find something new every time i go there!

    1. Tami says:

      Hi Robyn – I too like to see what other folks are buying at Trader Joe’s, Costco and Sam’s club! There is so much variety in our food supply. 🙂

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