Monthly Archive: April 2014

April Celebrations!

Life has been busy and quite full which means I have plenty to blog about but not enough time to get it done.  April has been a month of celebrations for us. I thought it would be fun to share some of the highlights with you. At the beginning of the month we celebrated our …

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Another Reader Advice Day

From the comments that have been left lately it seems that a lot of people are thinking about adopting a whole foods plant based diet or have tried to move to a WFPB but are finding it difficult. I understand that is does seem overwhelming. The following comment prompted todays post. “I love to read your blog and …

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Reader Advice Day!

Recently I have had some awesome comments and questions on the blog. If one person is feeling this way there are most likely more who are having the same experience. Sometimes we think “I am the only one who feels like this”. Not true. It isn’t easy to change your way of eating. In fact …

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