Gather Around For A Whole Food Plant Based Pot-Luck!

This past Saturday we had a house full of people who enjoy natural tasty food and cook the way we do. Everyone brought a dish or two to share. As the hostess I made a dip wtih veggies, soup, rice, fruit platter and a dessert. We get together with this group of friends once a month to enjoy an amazing variety of plant based recipes, taking turns hosting. We also have a group that meets on Wednesdays at a local park to walk for 90 minutes. We attend local events, lectures and cooking classes that support a whole food plant based lifestyle. Having this kind of support and network has been a blessing. Its nice to have a group of friends who get why you eat that way you do!

Cozy Fall Candlelight Nutmeg Notebook

Cozy Fall Candlelight
Nutmeg Notebook

Naturally I wanted to have my fall decorations out for this event. These are a collection of clear glass vases, trifle bowl, shot glass, candle holders and other pieces I have around in the china cabinet. Once they were arranged on a wooden tray on my dining room table I filled in around the candles with pine cones, mini squash and some sparkly fall garland I had. On pinterest I found some wonderful ideas for tablescapes that got me started. Using what you already own you can set a lovely mood in your home. Candle light always adds a nice sparkle and a touch of magic.

Cozy Fall Candlelight Nutmeg Notebook

Cozy Fall Candlelight
Nutmeg Notebook

We have a couple of oil lamps that were also put to good use. They add a nice glow at night. I can’t imagine having to read a book, write a letter or do homework by the light of one of these old lamps! They do add a nice warm charm to a room.

Plant Based Pot-luck! Nutmeg Notebook

Plant Based Pot-luck!
Nutmeg Notebook

Top left photo is potato chips made in the microwave oven. They are raw potatoes thinly sliced, seasoned with a little Table Tasty no salt seasoning then microwaved on these special trays from Amazon. Top right is an artichoke bean dip with veggies. I was disappointed in the dip recipe and wouldn’t make it again. Lower right is oven roasted vegetables.  Of course we had to have a fruit tray.

Jicama Tacos Nutmeg Notebook

Jicama Tacos
Nutmeg Notebook

Have you seen these Jicama Tacos on the internet? Our friend Lorna decided to give them a try and I have to tell you they were a huge hit! You buy a jicama and peel it. Then you slice it thinly using a mandolin slicer. They are flexible enough to bend yet still crispy like a taco shell! She made a sweet pea quacamole from the McDougall’s and I found this recipe on line so I hope its the one Lorna made. Then she made Chef AJ’s Taco Lentils. To build these delicious tacos you smear a dab of  pea guacamole on the jicama shell then add your taco lentils and enjoy. M-m-m-m- so yummy!

Pot-luck - Plant Style! Nutmeg Notebook

Pot-luck – Plant Style!
Nutmeg Notebook

Going clock wise top left: the best veggie burgers – Dixie made them from our friend Donna’s recipe. Donna gave me permission to share the recipe here on the blog – in an upcoming post. Top right: Curry Split Pea Soup – its the first recipe I made in my pressure  cooker. We love it – I make it often and always double the recipe and up the spices. It freezes well too. If you don’t own a pressure cooker (buy one – they are awesome) you can also make this recipe in a slow cooker. Middle right: Beefless Stew – love this recipe and even non plant eaters love this recipe from Straight Up Foods. At the end of the cooking I like to add a tablespoon of balsamic vinegar – it adds a lovely flavor to the stew. Bottom right: Fall Pudding made with sweet potatoes – I have been given permission to share that recipe as well in the near future. I made Chef AJ’s no oil, no sugar gRAWnola in the dehydrator and crumbled it over the top of the pudding. It was lovely and tasted like fall. You can purchase the Chef AJ Cooking Webinar #3 to get the recipe for the gRAWnola. I make it often – it’s scrumptious!Bottom Left: a crisp green salad with balsamic vinegar – have to get our greens in! Middle Left: Tender broccolini – more greens for the win. Not shown is a pot full of brown rice – must have the starch to keep feeling full. As you can see there was no shortage of incredible, healthy yet delicious food. Trust me that no one went home hungry. These pot lucks are so much fun – the food is different each time and we get to try new recipes and discover new foods!

Nutmeg Notes

Can you believe it’s fall already? Summer flew by and I feel like I am still trying to catch up! I am still dealing with sciatic nerve pain – yep it’s been 10 months of this. I have seen multiple doctors. Tried various methods to get rid of the pain and I am currently seeing a pain specialist at the UC Davis pain clinic. I will be going in for a nerve pain test to try and pin point where the pain is originating from and the path it is traveling. Needles are involved and it doesn’t sound like fun at all. Wish me luck.

Our granddaughter Alma is growing up too fast! She hit the 6 month mark and we are enjoying spending as much time with her as we can. I get to babysit at least once a week and I go shopping with her and her mommy every week. Its a blessing that they live nearby and we can be a part of her life on a regular basis. Being a grandmother is amazing!

The temperatures are cooling off here and its time to get out the sweaters and long pants. I hate putting my sandals away and will resist until it’s just too cold for my little tootsies! I did buy a couple pairs of really cool boots last year so I guess it will be fun to wear them again. Okay maybe this cooler weather isn’t going to be so bad after all.

Abuelita Tami & Alma Nutmeg Notebook

Abuelita Tami & Alma
Nutmeg Notebook

Happy Fall Everyone!


What is your favorite whole food plant based dish to take to a pot-luck?


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  1. Jody says:

    Beautiful & fun l & love that last pic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Christin says:

    Thanks so much for sharing Tami. What a gorgeous spread – both the food and the decorations. Just yummy!

  3. Stephanie says:

    Hi Tami,
    I sure have been enjoying your recent posts! It’s wonderful that you have a circle of WFPB friends. I’ve got some great friends, but they haven’t embraced WFPB eating. I don’t want food to be a barrier to getting together so I’m going to take your cue and organize potlucks more frequently. I’m also thinking of trying WFPB meet up.

    One of my favorite WFPB soups is the Portobello Mushroom and Barley in JL Fields’ Vegan Under Pressure. I add some cubed tofu right at the end for more protein. With a salad, it’s a delicious meal. I love my pressure cookers too and am going to make your Curry Split Pea Soup tomorrow. It seems like a perfect fall recipe.

    Good luck with your pain treatment, I hope you get some relief. Alma is absolutely adorable.
    Thanks for sharing,

  4. Sandi says:

    Thankyou sooooo much for sharing!!!!!! This is awesome and I am so grateful you are doing this. Tami….I am so sorry you are still hurting. It is terrible to have to live daily with nagging pain let alone the pain you are dealing with. Prayers that the pain will get resolved coming your way…..and soon.

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