Oven Roasted Sweet Mini Peppers

I know I am late to the party with oven roasting sweet mini peppers but as they say better late than never! I usually enjoy the mini sweet peppers raw as I love the crunch and the subtle sweetness. Oven roasting them takes them to a whole new level of deliciousness. They become so sweet they are like eating candy. No really they taste like candy. You must make these asap!

Sweet Mini Peppers Nutmeg Notebook

Sweet Mini Peppers
Nutmeg Notebook

Have you seen the half pound bags of mini sweet peppers in the produce department? Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Sprouts and Costco are just a few of the places I have found them at recently. I do buy the organic ones and Whole Foods is the only store that consistently carries them in organic.

Sweet Mini Peppers Nutmeg Notebook

Sweet Mini Peppers
Nutmeg Notebook

Roasting these little gems couldn’t be easier. Preheat your oven to 425 degrees. I line my rimmed baking sheets with foil and then top with parchment paper. Wash and dry the peppers. Spread them out on the baking sheets. Roast in preheated oven for 30-35 minutes. I don’t turn mine over as they get nicely browned on both sides in my convection oven.

Oven Roasted Sweet Mini Peppers Nutmeg Notebook

Oven Roasted Sweet Mini Peppers
Nutmeg Notebook

Serve a platter of these as an appetizer or a side dish on your buffet. They are amazing as is! No peeling, no removing the seeds just eat and enjoy. Can you tell it was a rainy day when I took this photo – the lack of natural lighting makes such a difference.

Roasted Sweet Mini Peppers Nutmeg Notebook

Roasted Sweet Mini Peppers
Nutmeg Notebook

I like a plate of them alone or with another one of my favorite things – a roasted Japanese Sweet Potato dusted with cinnamon. Yum-yum! Chop a few and toss them in a salad, serve over hot brown rice with a splash of balsamic vinegar, toss with hot cooked spaghetti squash with a little roasted garlic or over spiralized zucchini noodles. So many possibilities – I can’t wait to hear how you decide to enjoy yours!

Nutmeg Notes

Spring is slow in coming to us here in Northern CA. We are still getting rain and no longer are considered in a drought – that’s great news! Everything here is so green right now – it’s amazing.

Natures Color Bath Nutmeg Notebook

Natures Color Bath
Nutmeg Notebook

I have been getting in some walks outside and love seeing the flowers that are blooming right now. It’s natures color bath and the birds are singing when I walk which makes it extra special.

Tom, Tami & Alma Nutmeg Notebook

Tom, Tami & Alma
Nutmeg Notebook

Our little Alma will be celebrating her first birthday this week! We are excited and look forward to helping her celebrate this special milestone. She is the love of our lives! It is a beautiful thing to see the world through a child’s eye because they stop and notice every little detail and find everything to be fascinating. She helps us slow down and appreciate the simple things around us. We love being Grandparents!

Happy Healthy Trails


A Little Nutmeg Nugget: When I started this blog in January of 2010 I followed what I understood to be a healthy version of the standard American diet, ironically also known as the “SAD” diet. As interest in my own health and how it was affected by the food I ate evolved, I transitioned to a whole food plant based diet also known as “WFPB” diet. I have wrestled with the fact that this blog still contains all those posts and recipes from the SAD way of eating I have left behind. I no longer advocate for anyone to eat that way. At this time I am leaving those recipes and posts here. It is a record of my journey and how I came to follow a WFPB way of eating. It is my hope that those who still come here for those old recipes will be curious about what I am doing now. Perhaps they will dip their toes across the line as I did and try some plant based recipes and learn more about the health benefits.

Please feel free to leave me a comment or ask a question.

Have you tried roasted sweet mini peppers?


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  1. Jody - Fit at 59 says:

    Those peepers look amazing & so you do you Tami!!! The flowers are gorgeous!

    So happy all is well & the granddaughter is adorable! Yes, they are fun!!!!

    1. Tami says:

      Hi Jody,

      Being a grandparent is the best thing ever! I hope all is well with you.

      Happy Spring!


  2. Colleen says:

    I’m late to the party like you, Tami. I made some of these a month ago, and totally agree: they taste like candy! So delicious. My husband is sensitive to smells, so I can’t roast to charred very often. These will be on my list for the next roasting session, though!
    Love hearing about sweet Alma. Hasn’t this year flown by?! We are so enjoying our grandson too. He’ll be 2 in July. It just keeps getting better ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Tami says:

      Hi Colleen – I guess we didn’t know what we were missing out on with those roasted peppers! So glad we got in on the fun though – they are spectacular! The past year did fly by way too fast but it sure has been fun. I am so glad you are enjoying your grandson and you are right it just keeps getting better and better!

      Happy Trails,


  3. Priscilla Hiers says:

    Hi Tami, I want to thank you for all you are doing. I know how much I look forward to your videos. Also somewat new at this way of life and I find I am not loosing as much weight as I would like. I recall you mentioned dealing with your thyroid and how you dealt with that, I would love to hear more.

    We have seven grandchildren and enjoy them tremendously, they are what keep us going. Thanks again. Priscilla

    1. Tami says:

      Hi Priscilla,

      Thank you for your kind comments. I do have hypthyroidism and take Levothyroxine for it. I had to go with a very low fat diet in order to lose the weight I gained when my thyroid problems started. That means, no oil, no nuts, no tofu, no avocado, no seeds – that did it for me. I learned about calorie density when I joined Chef AJ’s Ultimate Weight Loss Program and that is how I eat. Now that I am at a healthy weight I can eat a little bit of tofu or avocado when eating out on occassion but I adhere to the low fat regimen and the weight stays off. I highly recommend joining her program and learning about how to lose weight and keep it off. It is the best thing I ever did for my weight loss and my sanity! Congratulations on the seven grandchildren! Being grandparents is the best gift ever! Hugs, Tami

  4. Maryellen says:

    Love the flowers!!! In North Dakota its 9*, and we still have over 2’ of snow on the ground!

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