Monthly Archive: February 2018

Instant Pot Wild Rice

Some people think when you adopt a whole food plant based diet that your menu will be limited and your food choices are restrictive. Actually the opposite is true. Suddenly you discover a wide array of new food choices that you never even thought of before. Wild rice is one of my favorite foods now …

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Sweet Pea’s Mo-Mo Smoothie – Feeding Toddlers a Plant Based Diet

I am so excited to have a guest post today. My daughter Katy is sharing a fabulous nutrient rich smoothie recipe that she developed to serve the needs of our incredibly energetic granddaughter whom we shall call Sweet Pea. I have had many  requests from mothers and grandmothers for ideas and recipes for feeding children …

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Oat Groats What Are They & How Do You Cook Them?

Just when you think you have tried most of the whole grains and cereals a different one crosses your path. Such is the case with myself and oat groats. Recently my friend  Barbara Whitney suggested that I might enjoy oat groats in place of brown rice in savory dishes. In the past I have made …

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