Holland Bowl Mill 15 inch Solid Beechwood Bowl with Mezzaluna Knife

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  1. Diana Spieth says:

    I tried ordering the 15” beechwood chopping bowl from your link but it didn’t hav the mezzuluna knife. And on their website it categorizes the bowls for chopping as chopping bowls- and there I didn’t see th 15” beechwood bowl. Am I not understanding something? Thanks! Loved your video on making salads in batches and your chopped salad method – I’m excited to try!

    1. Tami says:

      Hi Diana,

      When you order your 15 inch Beechwood bowl using my affiliate link the free knife doesn’t show up on your order but the company sees that it is an order through Nutmeg Notebook because you are using my personal link and they automatically include it in your order when it is shipped. They recommend the 15 inch solid Beechwood Bowl for chopping salads on a regular basis. It isn’t called a chopping bowl because it can be used multiple ways but it is the one they recommend. The other bowls labeled a “chopping bowl” are really good for herbs and such but not the big salads like I chop. I hope this clears up any confusion for you. You can also call and place your order and talk to them directly and tell them that Nutmeg Notebook recommended them and you will still get the free knife with a qualifying minimum order of $125.oo. They have excellent customer service and are so helpful. I am so glad you enjoyed the video and want to make chopped salads. If there is anything else I can do to help you place your order let me know.

      Happy Chopping,


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