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Esau’s Grilled Corn with Lime

Katy’s husband Esau came for dinner and when he saw the corn on the cob he inquired how we were going to prepare it and then he offered to show us how it is prepared in Honduras where he is from. It sounded simple enough and I had the ingredients on hand so I gave him the …

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Green Smoothie

So refreshing and filling! Green Smoothie 1 cup water 2 handfuls of rinsed kale stripped of the stem (about 2 cups) 1 apple cored but not peeled cut into wedges 1 frozen banana cut into chunks 1 carrot cut into chunks 1 cup of ice cubes a dash of Stevia sweetener or sweetener of your …

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What do rutabagas taste like? Well, they taste a little bit like a potato only sweet with a slightly peppery undertone. It is a cruciferous vegetable often called a yellow turnip and it is high in vitamin C. I love the golden color as it looks buttery to begin with. Peel it and cut it into junks, the smaller …

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