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Pot Luck Recipes – Vegan Gluten Free and Delicious!

Mediterranean Baked Sweet Potatoes
Nutmeg Notebook

Earlier in the week my daughter Katy sent me a link for this recipe and as soon as I looked at it I knew I had to make it ASAP. Holy moly – it’s insanely delicious! I ate it for three meals in a row – yep – that’s how good it is. At first …

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Stuffed Banana Boat – Grill It, Bake It or Microwave It

2012-08-29 15.54.54 (640x480)

If you were a girl scout you may have made this at a camp out when you were a young girl. Not being a girl scout I missed out on this wonderful, easy dessert until I stumbled across the idea on the Internet a couple of years ago. It’s the perfect ending to a BBQ …

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Easy Fajitas with Mexican Food Finds

2012-08-18 12.25.15 (640x360)

With our new empty nest status hubby Tom has instantly become my new shopping buddy! Have no fear, he is going to like this new assignment as it comes with fringe benefits. Those who shop with me always get “treats” of their choosing. A few days ago we ventured into Trader Joes to pick up a …

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Best Burgers Ever!

Turkey-Feta-Burger-011-1024x768 (640x480)

If you have followed my blog for very long you already know I am not a huge fan of beef. Kind of strange when you consider that I grew up in Nebraska the home of corn fed beef! My mom made hamburgers for dinner a lot when I was a kid as it was an …

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Favorite Summer Recipes

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Today is the big move for son David. He was a little shocked at just how much stuff he has as we started to stack it in the garage in preparation for loading the truck this morning. To make things easier for moving day and a busy week ahead we did some big batch cooking over the …

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