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Fish & Vegetables in Foil Packets/garden lites Souffle Product Review

Fish & Vegetables in foil packs Nutmeg Notebook

The foil pack cooking has continued to be a theme around here but with fish this time. The prep is easy, they are no fuss to bake and clean up is a breeze. They are perfect when cooking for one or a dozen. Prep them ahead of time if you wish and refrigerate until ready to bake. While …

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Zucchini Red Pepper & Shallot Pie WWPP7

Zucchini Red Pepper & Shallot Pie Nutmeg Notebook

Do you have some zucchini that needs to be used up? If not, you need to buy a zucchini so you can make this amazing savory pie. Helen @ Doing A 180 posted about this recipe on her blog and I knew as soon as I saw the recipe that I had to make it. Helen …

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Whole Wheat CousCous Salad & More Healthy Lunch Box Ideas

2012-08-07 13.01.38 (640x480)

Have you ever noticed that when someone else cooks for you the food tastes even better? Since I am the main cook around here it’s pure delight when someone cooks for me. While my mom was in town for the wedding she made one of our favorite from scratch meals – her homemade Runzas.  Don’t …

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Broccoli, Bacon & Toasted Almond Salad

2012-07-04 12.52.11 (640x480)

This is a light and refreshing broccoli salad made without any mayo! I cut back on the amount of sugar and have to admit that I doubled the amount of bacon – but before you think I went overboard on bacon let me tell you that I still only used 2 slices of bacon! Ha, …

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Quick & Easy Edamame For The Snack Attack

Kashi, Tea, Cookies 030 (640x480)

Sometimes I am hit by the snack attack in the late afternoon. It’s usually about 4 hours after lunch and my blood sugar is starting to dip a little low so I need a pick me up to hold me over until dinner. I try to make those snacks a nutritional balance of good carbohydrates, …

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