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Black Bean Dip & Green Chili Hummus

Taco Salad with Black Bean Dip & Green Chili Hummus

If you enjoy healthy Mexican – Southwest cuisine I have two recipes you will want to make. What a bonus that they are easy – using ordinary pantry ingredients and are pretty low calorie so you can easily fit them into your food plan. Beans which are the basis for both recipes are so healthy, filling and taste …

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A Hearty Turkey Chili

Turkey Chili

Yesterday I thawed out one of those jumbo  2.5 pound packages of ground turkey and couldn’t decide what to make with it. We just had our favorite Mini Meatloaves recipe earlier in the week so I didn’t want meatloaf again. The it came to me, what better recipe than chili to break in my new red Le …

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Lemon – Sage Spaghetti Squash

Lemon Sage Spaghetti Squash

Last week while shopping at Trader Joe’s I bought several different types of squash. They had a huge bin of them and I kind of went squash crazy! One was a spaghetti squash – something I hadn’t purchased in a long time. My thoughts immediately went to this old recipe that I use to make years ago. Think …

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Turkey Pumpkin Chili & A Blog Anniversary!

Turkey Pumpkin Chili

I do love me some pumpkin but have always associated it with sweeter foods like pumpkin muffins, low fat pumpkin pie, pumpkin oatmeal, pumpkin butter or pumpkin cranberry baked oatmeal bars. For a long time I have seen savory recipes that incorporate canned pumpkin but hadn’t taken the plunge myself. That is until a couple of days …

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Vegetarian Black Bean & Soy Chorizo Chili / WWPP 6

Vegetarian Black Bean & Soy Chorizo Chili

All winter long we eat a variety of soups, stews and chili so I’m always up for trying new recipes to add to our regular rotation of favorites. This recipe is going at the top of my list! The flavor the first day was good but each day after it just got better and better. It’s not a spicy …

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