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Orange Slices With Shredded Coconut / Hot 100 Challenge Week 11 Update


Years ago I was talking with a woman about the holiday open house she did every year for her husbands business associates. I should tell you that she is a fabulous cook and really puts out a great spread.¬†She told me about how one year she was running short on time so she left off …

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Crostini With White Bean Dip & Arugula Appetizer / Misto Review


If you are looking for a healthy, light appetizer then look no more! This slightly spicy white bean dip is a crowd pleaser. My daughter Katy first made this recipe for us so we could have something to munch on while cooking one of our holiday meals last year. Yesterday, I needed an appetizer to …

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Gorgonzola Fruit Torte Appetizer / Hot 100 Challenge Update WK 4


The holidays are coming! Okay I know it is still early but soon the holidays and parties will start and we will all be looking for things to make. I am a planner so I don’t like to wait until the last minute to come up with recipes to make. Perhaps you are the same …

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Weekend Recap / Food Find Taquitos and Spring Rolls


WEEKEND RECAP It was a pretty quite weekend here. On Saturday we went and looked at upright freezers. Ours is somewhere around 25 years old and it isn’t working so great anymore. Last weekend we defrosted it and already in one week it is starting to ice up again. Not a good sign. We are …

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Jajick Cheese Spread Appetizer & eReader Questions


I love Mondays! I know that a lot of people dread Mondays but I see them as a window into a new week of possibilities. This morning I had a beautiful walk outside on my favorite nature trail you can see photos of it here. I have both crock pots going today. I use to …

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