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Easy Tomato-Basil Pizza With Kraft Cooking Creme

Organic Basil Pizza 023

I love trying new food products and new recipes! While shopping the other day I picked up boneless skinless chicken breasts that were on sale and there was an additional coupon on the package for $1.50 off Kraft Philadelphia Cooking Creme. Well you know I had to check out what this Cooking Creme was. I …

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Perfect Spinach-Artichoke Dip from Perfect ONE-DISH Dinners / Weight Watchers PointsPlus 4


We had company for dinner over the weekend and my menu was a big hit thanks to Pam Anderson’s cookbooks, Perfect One – Dish Dinners and The Perfect Recipe for Losing Weight and Feeling Great. I have posted recipes from these cookbooks before and let me tell you that these seem to be my favorite …

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Homemade Hummus and The Wild Wild West!


Hummus is flavorful, filling and so easy to make! This protein and fiber packed dip starts with a can of drained garbanzo (chickpeas) a couple tablespoons of flavorful tahini (ground sesame seeds) a little garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, ground cumin and a pinch of cayenne pepper and salt, all blended until smooth and fluffy. …

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Orange Slices With Shredded Coconut / Hot 100 Challenge Week 11 Update


Years ago I was talking with a woman about the holiday open house she did every year for her husbands business associates. I should tell you that she is a fabulous cook and really puts out a great spread.¬†She told me about how one year she was running short on time so she left off …

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Crostini With White Bean Dip & Arugula Appetizer / Misto Review


If you are looking for a healthy, light appetizer then look no more! This slightly spicy white bean dip is a crowd pleaser. My daughter Katy first made this recipe for us so we could have something to munch on while cooking one of our holiday meals last year. Yesterday, I needed an appetizer to …

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