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Our Traditional Christmas Breakfast Includes Aebleskivers


Yes it really is a word! Okay it can be spelled a variety of ways, aebleskiver and ebleskiver (a-bla-ski-va) are the most common in the English language. What are they? They just happen to be the most delicious Danish sphere shaped pancake you can ever hope to eat. Wikipedia says, “The flavor and texture is similar …

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Cheese Giveaway! Orange Ricotta Filled Crepes with Blueberry Sauce


Be sure to enter the giveaway for coupons to receive a free container of fat free feta cheese and a container of ricotta cheese courtesy of Sorrento, Precious and President Cheese! Take a look at yesterdays post for recipes using the fat free feta cheese and to enter the free cheese giveaway! Today it’s all about Precious low …

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Hot Apple Quinoa Breakfast Bowl & Mexican Corn and Quinoa Chowder


Today’s post was inspired by a couple of my readers and blogging friends Karen and Sharon. Check out their blogs by clicking on their names, they are gifted writers who are on a path to improving their health! They both asked if I had any Quinoa recipes to share. Oh, yes I do! There has …

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Carol’s Shortcut Eggs Benedict / Blog Update / Road Trip


Happy Labor Day! We are having a relaxing day at home. Hubby Tom and I went for a lovely walk this morning and it was beautiful out! I just got my ribs prepped and in the oven. You can see my fall off the bone rib recipe here. Before Katy left for Spain she requested …

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Green Smoothie In The Blendtec

Pork Adobo, green smoothie 021

Last summer I was doing a Google search for something food related and I stumbled across blogs talking about green smoothies. I didn’t even know about food blogs and healthy living blogs at the time. I felt like I found a gold mine of information not to mention feeling a connection to people who were …

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