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Very Cherry Bars / Puttering in the Kitchen

Raw Food Desserts 001

Happy Saturday! I think we have finally adjusted to the time change here. We actually went to bed on time last night and were able to wake up at 6:00 this morning. Hubby Tom went for a walk with me this morning. The time flies by when you have someone to talk with while you …

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Pan Glazed Chicken with Basil & Chocolate Walnut Cranberry Cake

chocolate cake, chicken 029

I am getting back into the swing of things after being gone for three weeks. Yesterday was filled with unpacking, laundry and figuring out what was left in the pantry, refrigerator and freezer. I thought I was going to resume my exercise routine today but I have come down with a terrible cough and have …

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Italian Sausage Pasta Sauce & Chocolate Souffles

Jerry's Spaghetti 017

Happy Monday morning everyone! Mom has physical therapy this morning and then we have a few errands to get done. I fly back home tomorrow so this afternoon I need to repack my suitcase and get organized. Tonight I am making the beef stroganoff that mom and dad like so well. Yesterday I baked a …

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Snow, Sunshine and Lemon Bars


I arrived in NE last night and it was so cold here it made me shiver! We headed straight to Cracker Barrel for dinner. I love that place and we don’t have them in CA so it is a real treat.  Mom and I had the most delicious beef roast with mushroom gravy, mashed potatoes and green …

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Lemon Poppy – Seed Cake

lemon cake, fruit salad 020

When life or in my case the next door neighbors, give you a couple grocery bags of Meyer Lemons from their trees you have to find something wonderful to make with them. I was first introduced to these delightful little fruits last winter and set about finding some new recipes to experiment with. The lemon poppy-seed cake was …

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