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Yummy Banana Oat Bars

Yummy Banana Oat Bar

These banana oat bars are good for a grab and go breakfast – you know if you need to have a dashboard breakfast on the run! Some mornings just play out that way. They are also perfect for taking on a hike or a bike ride. Sometimes you need a little snack with a cup …

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E2 Real Flapjacks or Sweet Oat Squares / Take A Peek At My Shopping Cart

Real Flapjacks E2 My Beef With Meat

My food finds posts are some of the most popular posts on this blog. I understand it. I also love to peek into the grocery carts of other folks. You can tell quite a bit about a person by what you see them buying. This week I have been to Costco, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods …

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No-Bake Thumbprint Cookies Weight Watchers PP 3 / My Mini Herb Garden

No Bake Thumbprint Cookies 005

Daughter Katy saw this recipe on the Whole Foods web site and declared that she had to make them! The cookie base is much like a Larabar. Dates, oats, coconut and almond butter combine beautifully to create this slightly sticky, gooey, yummy concoction flavored with fresh orange juice and zest! A little cinnamon and nutmeg …

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From My Heart to Your Tummy – Homemade Holiday Goodies!

Vanilla Sugar, Apricot Glaze, Seasoning, Apricots, Pretzels 055

Homemade holiday goodies are hard to beat and they bring good cheer to all who receive them. Who doesn’t enjoy something that is made with love and care? We all have our favorite cookies, bars and candy recipes that we go to when we want to create some good cheer. However; it’s really fun to step outside the box and …

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The Best Healthy Granola Is Homemade!


Remember last week when I posted about how easy and inexpensive it is to make your own hummus? If you missed that post check it out here. Granola is another food item that is expensive to buy but very cost affective if you make your own. The commercial varieties of granola are so full of …

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