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Rip’s Big Bowl Breakfast/My New Bike

Rip's Big Bowl

Breakfast has always been the most difficult meal of the day for me – I struggle with what to have that will be filling and nutritious but not take a lot of time make. When I read about the Engine 2 food plan and Rip’s Big Bowl for breakfast I knew it was going to …

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Parmesan Pull-Apart Bread

Parmesan Pull-Apart Bread Weight Watchers

The other day I was browsing through photos and blog post recipes that have yet to be published. That is when I was reminded of this super easy hot, buttery, cheesy bread recipe. I use to make this all the time for my kids and their friends, usually doubling the recipe to feed hungry teens! The recipe …

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Hummingbird Cupcakes

Skinny Hummingbird Cupcakes

My mom makes one of the most amazing moist scrumptious bundt cakes I have ever tasted. It’s called a Hummingbird cake and she got the recipe from a friend who lives in the deep south. It’s a family favorite for birthdays and holiday gatherings. I guess you could say it’s a southern version of carrot cake. …

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Oatmeal Pecan Lace Cookies

Oatmeal Lace Cookies

A special treat now and then makes everything better! Don’t let the short list of ingredients mislead you, these are easy to make but they taste like a fancy cookie. Buttery, nutty, a little chewy! Invite a friend over, put on a fresh pot of coffee, make a cup of hot tea or a fall …

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Mushroom Barley Soup / WWPP 4

Mushroom Barley Soup Nutmeg Notebook

There is something so satisfying about making a pot of soup. It’s simple to make, tastes even better the second day and is perfect to pack up for a work lunch. Enjoy the earthy flavor of mushrooms and healthy high fiber pearl barley in this filling soup. Since it’s low calorie you have plenty of room to enjoy a sandwich or …

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