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Smothered Chicken in Gravy Slow Cooker / Figs / Amazing Dressing


I have been on a comfort food kick this week. The temperatures have dropped down in the 80′s for us and although that isn’t exactly cool it makes me think Fall is on the way! I feel ready for a change in seasons and thoughts of my favorite Fall foods are dancing in my head. …

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Food Finds of My Favorite Meatless Meals!


I think this semester with daughter Katy in spain, son David’s busy college schedule and hubby Tom’s work travel there are going to be plenty of nights where I don’t have anyone to cook for.  I do love to cook but I welcome the break! With that in mind I will keep some easy, healthy, …

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Cornmeal Muffin Recipe & Invisalign Update


It was cool here this weekend and with that came a desire for chili. What goes better with chili than cornmeal muffins? I decided to take my favorite cornbread recipe and adapt it to muffins. It worked beautifully! This recipes uses a can of creamed corn and that makes the muffins nice and moist with …

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Mexican Chopped Salad Recipe and Whole Foods Shopping


Whole Foods is an amazing grocery store! I love to go there and look at everything. Everything is displayed so beautifully it is a food lovers paradise. Yes, I know that groceries there can be quite pricey. Therefore, I am selective about what I buy. I have found that their store brand 365 items are …

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Going green and crunchy with Kale Chips!


Life is very full right now as I try to help daughter Katy get ready to leave for Spain in less than two weeks! How does one pack to live for 10 months in another country? I will let you know once we figure it out! We are experiencing a whole host of emotions, excitement, …

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