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Pan Seared Potatoes and Onions with Chicken Tenders Weight Watchers PointsPlus 6

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Happy, Happy Friday! I like Fridays, they are the window to the weekend. Today I did a weight work out instead of walking. I might have to make that choice three times a week. It seems that when I get back from my walk I don’t want to take the time to work out with …

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Marathon Shopping

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In the past two days I have been to Trader Joe’s, the Organic Farmer’s Market, Whole Foods, Sam’s Club and Super Walmart. I wish I could get everything we like at one store, what a time saver that would be. At the end of today I felt like I had run a shopping marathon!  I …

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Crock Pot Deli Chicken / Weigh In

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Before we get to the recipe I have my weigh in to report on. I dipped my toes into the 130′s this week! YIPPEE!!! I lost .6 pounds over the last two weeks for a weigh in of 139.4. If you have been following my progress you know that is has been a slow process …

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Green Smoothie In The Blendtec

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Last summer I was doing a Google search for something food related and I stumbled across blogs talking about green smoothies. I didn’t even know about food blogs and healthy living blogs at the time. I felt like I found a gold mine of information not to mention feeling a connection to people who were …

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Farmer’s Market & Chicken Fried Rice Recipe

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Going to the Farmer’s Market makes me happy! The aroma of fresh herbs, flowers and the sight of colorful fresh fruits and veggies makes it a delight for all of the senses. Katy and I made it to the market before she had to head off to campus. We also managed to sneak in a …

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