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Pork Chops with Gravy

Flowers Pork Chops 013

Yesterday was a good day to run errands and take Mom to her first physical therapy appointment. Dinner was super easy with this tried and true recipe for pork chops with gravy and mashed potatoes. The recipe calls for 4 pork chops but we had a package of 6 small ones and it worked out just …

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Split Pea Soup / Yellow Roses, 4 Wheel Drive


It has been a busy few days here in NE. Mom had her knee replacement last Thursday and she has been having a smooth recovery. The orthopedic surgeon was friendly, he sat and visited with us in mom’s room. He sent mom a yellow rose, in fact all of the surgeons on the orthopedic floor do that …

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Corn Bread


This is not your typical dry grainy corn bread. This recipe calls for a can of cream style corn resulting in a very moist, flavorful corn bread, studded with kernals of whole corn. The servings are generous and can be enjoyed  for breakfast or served as a side dish with dinner. The perfect hearty side dish for chili, tomato soup, oven fried …

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Feta Stuffed Turkey Burgers


I like burgers, turkey burgers that is! I have several recipes in our regular meal rotation but this feta cheese stuffed burger is a family favorite. This quick and easy Mediterranean inspired burger is full of flavor from the inside out. It starts with salty feta cheese and oregano in the mix and ends with toppings of roasted peppers, black …

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Green Beans with Lemon and Garlic

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Confession time, I love green beans! I know they are not a favorite vegetable of very many people, but I could eat them everyday, fresh, frozen or canned. Unfortunately my family does not share my love of this vegeatable in it’s plain state. I have searched out ways to make green beans that will make …

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