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Adding A Little Crunch To My Lunch!

Rice Cakes 019

When I was in Whole Foods the other day I wondered around the store for a little bit and I stumbled upon a new to me item in the chip/cracker snack aisle. Why didn’t someone think of this sooner? A thinner rice cake is what I am talking about and it’s an ingenious idea that …

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Uncured Peppered Turkey Bacon!

Bacon cookies bars 007

I love bacon and it’s one food item I just won’t give up! However; I do try to make my choice of bacon a healthier one. Should healthy and bacon even be used in the same sentence?  Yes, it is still loaded with sodium and no, it’s not health food, it is after all bacon! …

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Rinaldo’s Garlic Gold Green Beans

Katy, Garlic Green Beans 010

A while back you might remember that I shopped at  a new store called Sprouts and I purchased a jar of Rinoldo’s Organic Garlic Gold. It is organic extra virgin olive oil and toasted organic garlic. That’s it! Simple ingredients, but the flavor is fantastic! This is going to be a fun product to play …

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Brown Rice Crispy Treats Drizzled with Chocolate

Bacon cookies bars 046

Last week I mentioned that I would post the recipe for these fun little crunchy brown rice treats. What happened to the recipe you might ask? I forgot all about it! You might remember that last Sunday I was searching for something to make and share with a friend who is on a  gluten, egg, …

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Baked Flat Bread Chips With California Lavash

Baked Chips lunch 003

After having success baking my own tortilla chips I started experimenting with other types of baked chips. Some worked and some didn’t. The thin Lavash flat breads work well! Portion controlled, low calorie and crispy enough to use with dip! You are going to love these chips! Sprinkle with salt, garlic powder or a little Parmesan cheese …

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