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More Amazing Healthy Food Finds

Trader Joes Finds 017 (640x480)

Soup mix, delicious crunchy cereal that won’t kill the calorie bank, a healthy butter replacement, ready made muffin tops, a yummy heat and eat Mexican entrée are just a few of the food finds I have to share today. I had double the amount of products that I wanted to post about so it was a tough decision …

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Food Finds & Farmer’s Market Finds

Fajita Salad

We are blessed here in Northern California to have the Farmer’s Market available all year long. There are only about half the amount of vendors during the winter months with less selection of course but it’s still worth while to attend. Earlier this week daughter Katy picked me up and we made our way to …

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First Healthy Food Finds for 2013

Amy's Light & Lean Black Bean & Cheese Enchilada

Are you ready for some new food finds to add to your healthy shopping cart? I know I am! It’s time for me to toss those holiday high calorie, low nutrient leftovers and start feeding my body more healthy good eats. At first the sugary, high fat stuff tasted really great but at some point it became over – …

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Holiday Eats

Peanut Butter Blossom Cookies

Christmas day at our house was filled with family, delicious food, games, movies and did I mention the delicious food?! We won’t need to cook again for a few days as our refrigerator is stuffed with amazing leftovers. I’m grateful that we could be together and have so much fun.   My kitchen table expands …

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More Delicious Food Finds

Trader Joes Green Tea Mints

Seems like everyone loves the food find posts! This time I have a collection of items from a variety of stores. From fresh green tea flavored mints to turkey kielbasa there is something to please everyone’s pallet. Keep these products in mind while you are out and about holiday shopping. This is light and refreshing. It’s …

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