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Can a plant based diet really lower cholesterol? My results!

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At my yearly phsyicals in 2011 and 2012 a pattern started to emerge with my LDL choloeserol as it was on the rise. Despite the fact that I was following what I thought was a healhty low fat diet all the while exercising, staying active and trying to be healthy. I rarely ate red meat, …

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Another Reader Advice Day

Whole Foods Plant Based Easter Sunday Dinner

From the comments that have been left lately it seems that a lot of people are thinking about adopting a whole foods plant based diet or have tried to move to a WFPB but are finding it difficult. I understand that is does seem overwhelming. The following comment prompted todays post. “I love to read your blog and …

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Reader Advice Day!

The Bunny Did It!

Recently I have had some awesome comments and questions on the blog. If one person is feeling this way there are most likely more who are having the same experience. Sometimes we think “I am the only one who feels like this”. Not true. It isn’t easy to change your way of eating. In fact …

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17 Day Diet Week 1 Weigh In

17 Day Diet Taco Salad 004

One week ago today I started the first cycle of Dr. Mike Moreno’s The 17 Day Diet. I haven’t weighed in yet but, I will before this post is finished! There has been some interest about the 17 Day Diet from some of you and I have received some questions about this food plan. Enquiring minds want to know! …

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The Road Less Traveled / Olmstead Loop

Olmstead Trail 003

This past weekend hubby Tom and I decided to hike a new trail up in the foothills of the Sierra mountains. The weather forecast looked favorable with a slight chance of a drizzle so we packed our gear and headed out. On our way we stopped and purchased sandwiches to put in our backpacks. As we pulled into …

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