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The Green Smoothie Challenge Review

Green Smoothie Challenge
Nutmeg Notebook

Happy ST Patrick’s Day! I will be celebrating with a green smoothie. Those of you who follow me on Facebook or Instagram have seen photos of my green smoothies and delicious meals the past two weeks referring to the Green Smoothie Challenge. What is it? Where did it come from? Why are you doing it? Those …

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Lake Sylvia Hike

Lake Sylvia

We had an adventurous weekend that included a 12 mile round trip hike to see Lake Sylvia in Northern CA. We packed our backpacks on Friday night so we could leave early on Saturday. Natural peanut butter and low sugar strawberry jam on whole grain bread were perfect for backpacking on a warm summer day. …

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Fill Me Up Not Out / Hiking Adventures

Western Azaleas Placer Big Trees Grove

The Salad is the main dish!If you have read any of the books regarding plant based food plans such as Eat To Live, Eat For Health, Unprocessed, Forks Over Knives or Engine 2 My Beef With Meat – just to mention a few. One of the take-a-ways from all of them is to make nutritious foods, especially …

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Surfs Up!

Newport Beach 049

When I hit publish yesterday Word-press ate part of my post! Half the pictures were missing but there wasn’t anything I could do about it as the bellman was at our door to get our luggage and I had to close out my computer. Unfinished business like that really troubles me but I must admit …

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Break Out The BBQ / Hiking a Floral Trail

Windy Point 009

We had Summer like weather here over the weekend and finally got to break out the Capri pants and short sleeve shirts. Love that! It’s so much fun to see your favorite duds from last summer. Another thing I love that comes with a change in seasons is a change in our menu! On Friday I was …

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