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The Moderation Myth

Hiking Food Feb 2014 136 (640x480)

We have all heard it “everything in moderation is okay.” Weight loss groups tell their participants they can eat anything they desire as long as it’s in moderation. Take a small portion, eat it slowly, savor every bite and all will be fine. I wanted to believe it to be true and I gave it …

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Progress Not Perfection Weighing In Week 19 / 17 Day Diet

Tami Update June 2012 044 (639x640)

This isn’t what I had intended to post about today but my week hasn’t gone the way I thought it would so I am trying to go with the flow. It seems that son David and I have come down with sore throats and sinus issues. Nothing nearly as bad as what hubby Tom has …

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Moroccan Roasted Vegetables / Weighing In Week 18 On The 17 Day Diet

Moroccan Roasted Vegetables 014 (640x480)

A couple weeks ago I had this vegetable dish that our friend Greg made and it was love at first bite! Everyone at the table ooh-ed and aah-ed as soon as they tasted this unusual roasted vegetable dish. It’s not your typical onion, garlic olive oil combo. No, this roasted vegetable dish is a slightly …

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Break Out The BBQ / Hiking a Floral Trail

Windy Point 009

We had Summer like weather here over the weekend and finally got to break out the Capri pants and short sleeve shirts. Love that! It’s so much fun to see your favorite duds from last summer. Another thing I love that comes with a change in seasons is a change in our menu! On Friday I was …

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Mirror Mirror On The Wall…

Summer 2009 211

…Make me look thin and tall! Don’t you wish it was that easy to transform your body? In fairytale land I would be much taller and thinner and never have a weight problem. In the real world it takes a plan with achievable goals, dedication and discipline to work the plan. Then if you are like me, you need to …

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