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Green Beans with Lemon and Garlic

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Confession time, I love green beans! I know they are not a favorite vegetable of very many people, but I could eat them everyday, fresh, frozen or canned. Unfortunately my family does not share my love of this vegeatable in it’s plain state. I have searched out ways to make green beans that will make …

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Garlic Mashed Potatoes


I have been on a comfort food kick lately. It must be the the cold and wet weather and lack of sunshine. This is my favorite mashed potato recipe. Yukon gold potatoes have a beautiful yellow color that looks buttery to begin with. They are a thin skinned potato so I like to leave the skins …

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Three Grain Muffins


Muffins can be part of a healthy diet. We are not talking about those giant superstore style muffins. I looked up the nutritional information on Calorie King and I knew it was going to be bad but the stats are shocking. Gasp! Approximately 670 plus calories and 38 grams of fat in one muffin from Costco or Sam’s …

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Ellie Let Me Down


I have tried some Ellie Krieger recipes in the past and have had tremendous success with them. Those culinary delights were dancing in my head when I saw her new cookbook “So Easy” at Costco the other day. This cookbook had to come home with me. My daughter Katy and I went through it page …

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I am excited about some new software I just purchased called MasterCook. It is a recipe and nutrition manager. You can import recipes from the internet, compile your own favorite recipes in one place, complete with all your changes and notations, add photos and calculate the nutritional information. All of this for just under $20. It sounds …

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