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Rosemary Chicken Salad Sandwiches

Rosemary Chicken Salad

Chicken salad is one of those foods that is difficult to photograph. I’m looking forward to the leftovers for lunch today. Cooking Light gave the nutritional information including bread – I don’t like it when they do that as the nutritional information for bread varies greatly. I figured out the stats for just the chicken …

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Quick & Easy Turkey Gyros

Nutmeg Noteboook Food 002

A little internet research revealed that Gyros (prounced yeer-oh) can also be made from chicken or pork. Generally to make Gyros, meat is placed on a vertical spit that turns in front of a heat source. When cooked, the meat is thinly sliced off and served in a warm piece of pita bread with greens, …

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Pulled Chicken Sandwiches / Slow Cooker

Pulled Chicken Sandwiches 013

It can’t get any easier than this recipe for making pulled chicken sandwiches. You will be amazed at how much flavor the chicken breasts have after just a few hours of cooking. The chicken is coated on both sides with a flavor packed rub and then covered with a super simple barbecue sauce. The house smelled …

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Turkey Veggie Wrap

Turkey Slices and Crumbles 013

When the weather warms up I enjoy having a sandwich for lunch. Bulking them up with fresh veggies is a good way to keep the calories down and with all that natural fiber its quite filling.  Look for flat breads that are thin so you have more surface area to pile on the veggies and …

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Falafel Burgers


Put it on a bun, pack it into a pita, fold it up in a flat bread, chop it up in a salad, eat it over a whole grain like barley, farro, couscous or brown rice. Add some cucumbers, tomatoes, hummus, Greek yogurt or even some Ranch dressing! However you decide to eat these healthier …

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