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A Whole Foods Plant Based Road Trip Part Three

These travel tips are good no matter what type of food plan you follow. By taking a cooler filled with food on your vacation not only do you eat healthier but you save a ton of money! Every time we ate a meal from the cooler hubby Tom would say “We just saved $35!” That’s …

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A Whole Food Plant Based Road Trip Part Two

In A Whole Food Plant Based Road Trip Part One I shared about the food, products and other items we packed into our cooler and Subaru. One thing that got the most responses was the RoadPro Stove that plugs into the power source in the car. Since I packed so much awesome homemade food we …

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A Whole Foods Plant Based Road Trip! Part One.

When I go on vacation my healthy whole food plant based diet goes with me. At first that can seem daunting because most restaurants are not set up to support a healthy whole foods plant based diet. With some planning, cooking ahead, a good cooler and a few other essentials I am hear to tell …

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