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Readers frequently ask me what I buy at Trader Joes and Whole Foods. These are two of my favorite stores but I know when you go for the first time it can be overwhelming. Use my shopping lists as a starting point as you discover your own favorites.

Costco and Sam’s club are also great for food shopping! Both stores are starting to carry organic produce and other organic items. What I can’t find at the warehouse clubs, Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods is purchased at the local Organic Farmer’s Market or the regular grocery store.

Costco Grocery List

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Trader Joe's Grocery List

Trader Joe’s is a grocery chain known for healthy food at reasonable prices. You will find a large variety of seasonal organic produce, awesome artisan breads, fresh meats, dairy, frozen foods, prepared meals, canned goods, nuts and dried fruits, baking supplies, snack items, wine and beer. It is one stop shopping! Of course I buy produce at …

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Whole Foods Grocery List

I am the first to admit that Whole Foods can be an expensive store to shop at! There are some specialty items that only they carry and that is what gets me in the door. While there to buy my favorite flat bread and sprouted buns, I look for items on sale and the store …

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