Whole Foods Grocery List

Whole Foods Market

I am the first to admit that Whole Foods can be an expensive store to shop at! There are some specialty items that only they carry and that is what gets me in the door. While there to buy my favorite flat bread and sprouted buns, I look for items on sale and the store brand, which are items labeled 365. You can check out the weekly specials on their web site and sign up to get the e-newsletter. You can really save some money if you don’t mind shopping the bulk bins. If I am trying out a new recipe that calls for an odd ingredient, I head to the bulk bins to buy just the amount needed. Why buy 2 pounds of Spelt flour if all I need is 1/3 cup? If you click on items highlighted in blue it takes you to the post where I talked about it. Happy shopping!



Dairy / Refrigeration

Bread / Crackers / Snacks

Pantry / Baking / Shelf Stable Items