Saying Adios Is Difficult


  It’s official Katy is off to Spain today! The adventure of a lifetime has begun. She made me that purple folder and filled it with all the information she thought I might need about her study abroad program. She is very organized that way – great skills for the future teacher she desires to …

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Caramelized Plantains For Dessert


Happy Saturday. We are having a unseasonably cool day here and it is prefect in my opinion. I actually got cold on my morning walk! Katy is mostly packed and she did decided on paying extra and taking two suitcases. It is hard to pack for 10 months in just one suitcase! We take her …

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Pleasure Versus Happiness


Instant Gratification Marketing campaigns in print ads, radio and TV commercials say that we can have anything we want right now. Instant make me feel good for the moment rewards are ours for the taking! We have become accustom to immediate gratification and even told on a daily basis that we deserve it! If it feels …

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Food Finds and Sandwich Ideas


A little chit – chat before we get to the product reviews! Katy and I got some more things done on our to do list yesterday. We found a pair of cute comfortable walking shoes since walking will be her main form of transportation while she lives in Spain. We also found a purse that …

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Weekend Recap, Tried and True Recipes, Food Find


Happy Monday everyone. I hope you had an awesome weekend. Over the weekend I did some cooking of favorite recipes here. I have already posted these recipes and talked about them but they are so good that they merit mentioning again! I made chicken enchiladas one night. You can find the recipe here. I tried …

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