Yogurt Food Finds


Yougurt or Yogurt however you spell it I love it! Everyday I have at least two servings of yogurt usually with some fresh fruit. It is a great source of calcium and depending on what type of yogurt and what brand you are eating it can also be a good source of protein. I usually …

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Are you what you eat?


  This has to be one of my favorite cards! I sent this to my Internet friend Janine and she said she enjoyed it as much as I did. Besides making me chuckle it does make me think about all those so called “diet” foods. Sugar free this and fat free that, 100 calorie snack …

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Bacon! Bacon! Bacon! and Food Finds


I bet that got your attention! I don’t know too many people who don’t enjoy a crispy piece of bacon once in a while. Okay, I am sure if you are the exception you will let me know…LOL! If I cook up a pound of bacon my family jumps with joy! Seriously they do, they …

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Some of My Favorite Food Finds


Before I get to the food reviews I just have to share something about my exercise routine. Before we went on vacation my body was craving more exercise. I walk 3 miles a day outside at a pretty good pace and I finish in just under 40 minutes.I also do some resistance training with free …

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Shrimp Asparagus and Penne Pasta


Summer weekends go by way too fast. Here it is Monday again. I have many chores to catch up on today and one is to get son David’s car in for new brakes and an oil change. I am everyone’s personal assistant these days! My pinky is starting to heal and the throbbing is gone. …

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