Black Bean and Corn Salad


Mexican food is one of my favorites! Cilantro, cumin and lime juice marry well with black beans and corn. This salad can be used as a side dish with grilled fish or chicken or put a big scoop over a salad of baby greens for a filling vegetarian meal. Drain off some of the marinade …

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Figs, smothered chicken, salad dressing 065

We had a weekend of good eats at home and eating out. I had done so much cooking during the week last week that we could just eat off the left overs! Today we finally had the chance to take David out to celebrate his 21 st birthday! He loves sushi so we tried out …

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Smothered Chicken in Gravy Slow Cooker / Figs / Amazing Dressing


I have been on a comfort food kick this week. The temperatures have dropped down in the 80′s for us and although that isn’t exactly cool it makes me think Fall is on the way! I feel ready for a change in seasons and thoughts of my favorite Fall foods are dancing in my head. …

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Lose 10 Pounds and Change Your Life


Did anyone see the Dr Oz show the other day about the health benefits from losing just 10 pounds? You can read more about it on the Dr Oz website. Here is the list he gave of 10 reasons to lose just 10 pounds. If 10 pounds can do all of this just imagine what …

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Nurse Mom On Duty / Coconut Water / Product Finds


I ended up taking son David to the doctor as he broke out in a rash and his temperature was hovering around 101. The doctor said it was viral and might run it’s course in 5 days! We are on day 5 today and he still feels pretty lousy. This is not a good start …

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