Favorite Salmon Recipe and Multi Grain Pilaf


I have been out running errands trying to put a care package together for daughter Katy who is living in Spain. I am having a great time doing this by the way! More about that later after I have hunted and gathered all of her requests! I came home to grab some lunch and do …

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Weekend Recap / Food Find Taquitos and Spring Rolls


WEEKEND RECAP It was a pretty quite weekend here. On Saturday we went and looked at upright freezers. Ours is somewhere around 25 years old and it isn’t working so great anymore. Last weekend we defrosted it and already in one week it is starting to ice up again. Not a good sign. We are …

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Baked Chicken Chimichanga Recipe & Hot 100 Challenge Update Week 1


If you have followed my blog you know I love Mexican food. I saw a recipe on Cooking Light for a baked Chimichanga and it sounded good but I didn’t have everything on hand that the recipe called for so I made up my own. Now I can’t remember ever having a real Chimichanga anywhere …

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Baked Southwestern Tilapia


I seemed to have caught an early Fall cold. Mostly it is a nagging cough, scratchy throat and laryngitis. Even so I am plugging along and going for my daily walk albeit a little bit slower. This too shall pass! I have been going to bed quite early this week so I have not been on …

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Raw Berry Crisp – You Have To Taste This


We had dinner with friends Sunday night and one of our friends made the best dessert I have had in a long time and it just happens to be healthy too! In fact we all immediately said we have to have this recipe so right there at the dinner table the “dessert chef” of the …

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