Breezy In The Bay


We arrived in San Francisco with out any drama. A couple of weeks ago when we came it took us over 4 hours to get here. Today it was the usual 1 1/2 hours. Our hotel room is pleasant and clean.     This is the view from our window and with the zoom I …

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Anzac Biscuits Recipe / New Blog Feature / Travel Plans


These holiday weeks just fly by. Here it is Wednesday already! Thanks for the suggestions of where to eat in San Francisco. We live just 90 miles away from the city so, over the past 21 years we have been there many, many times but we tend to eat at the same places. Since this …

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Carol’s Shortcut Eggs Benedict / Blog Update / Road Trip


Happy Labor Day! We are having a relaxing day at home. Hubby Tom and I went for a lovely walk this morning and it was beautiful out! I just got my ribs prepped and in the oven. You can see my fall off the bone rib recipe here. Before Katy left for Spain she requested …

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Serving Up Soft Serve and Dishing On Blogging Balance!


Thanks to everyone who shared food items you like to have on hand for quick meals. I have a new list of things to look for and try. Variety is the spice of life when it comes to food! For lunch yesterday I had one of my favorite lunches a Boca in between two slices …

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Food Finds of My Favorite Meatless Meals!


I think this semester with daughter Katy in spain, son David’s busy college schedule and hubby Tom’s work travel there are going to be plenty of nights where I don’t have anyone to cook for.  I do love to cook but I welcome the break! With that in mind I will keep some easy, healthy, …

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