Mexican Chopped Salad Recipe and Whole Foods Shopping


Whole Foods is an amazing grocery store! I love to go there and look at everything. Everything is displayed so beautifully it is a food lovers paradise. Yes, I know that groceries there can be quite pricey. Therefore, I am selective about what I buy. I have found that their store brand 365 items are …

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Cuisinart Coffee Maker Starbucks Coffee & Creamer Food Finds


A Late Bloomer I did not discover the joy of a cup of a coffee in the morning until I was about 31years old. My parents drank it as I was growing up and I sure thought it smelled good. They drank it black and I sure thought it tasted bad! I was having brunch …

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Fresh Peach – Date Chutney & Katy Update


I made it to the Farmer’s Market today and sadly I had to go with out Katy, my favorite shopping partner! We received an email from her this morning and she arrived in Spain safely and with all of her luggage! She was one of the last to board the plane and there was no over head …

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Saying Adios Is Difficult


  It’s official Katy is off to Spain today! The adventure of a lifetime has begun. She made me that purple folder and filled it with all the information she thought I might need about her study abroad program. She is very organized that way – great skills for the future teacher she desires to …

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Caramelized Plantains For Dessert


Happy Saturday. We are having a unseasonably cool day here and it is prefect in my opinion. I actually got cold on my morning walk! Katy is mostly packed and she did decided on paying extra and taking two suitcases. It is hard to pack for 10 months in just one suitcase! We take her …

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