If you knew…


IF YOU KNEW YOU WOULD SUCCEED, WHAT WOULD YOU DO? I saw this saying recently and it keeps randomly popping up in my mind. I wake up some mornings and I think about it. It pops into my head when I am on my morning walk and again when I am in the kitchen cooking. …

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Going green and crunchy with Kale Chips!


Life is very full right now as I try to help daughter Katy get ready to leave for Spain in less than two weeks! How does one pack to live for 10 months in another country? I will let you know once we figure it out! We are experiencing a whole host of emotions, excitement, …

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Luscious Lemon Bars and a Love Affair


We had an office picnic to attend Saturday for hubby Tom’s work. Of course I was the last to know about it! By the time he got around to telling me about the event and the sign up for food the only thing left to bring was dessert. I do love to bake but I …

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Pom Wonderful Product Review/Contest Win/Smoothie Recipes


I have a lot to post about today! I have been blogging for 7 months now and I am starting to get email from companies offering to send me products to try. That is really an honor. I know they are doing it to get some free advertising via my blog and I am okay …

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Weighing In / I’m Not Perfect But I’m okay!


Weighing In I now weigh 132 so I am down another 1 pound as I weighed 133 on July 6th after vacation. My all time high was 175. I weighed 150 in January when I started this blog. Since I started jogging a few weeks ago and using the Aqua jogger I have seen my …

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