Easy Tomato-Basil Pizza With Kraft Cooking Creme

Organic Basil Pizza 023

I love trying new food products and new recipes! While shopping the other day I picked up boneless skinless chicken breasts that were on sale and there was an additional coupon on the package for $1.50 off Kraft Philadelphia Cooking Creme. Well you know I had to check out what this Cooking Creme was. I …

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I’ve Moved!

Flowers chips WW 018

Welcome to the new and improved Nutmeg Notebook! The move is done and I am happy to be here. Just like any other move I still have some unpacking to do, and maybe a little rearranging, as I figure out exactly where everything should go. Of course I couldn’t have made this transformation with out …

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A Little Shopping Fun & Easy Chinese Chicken Salad


I had myself a nice little shopping outing. As you might imagine I enjoy looking at kitchen gadgets and cooking supplies. A few things caught my eye and I just had to have them. A little retail therapy is a good thing! I have wanted a Silpat nonstick baking pad for quite some time to …

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Veggie Turkey Burgers & Alexia Spicy Sweet Potato Fries


A turkey burger sounded good last night so I dug out this old favorite for Veggie Turkey Burgers. It really doesn’t matter what veggies you use as long as you have around 1 -1 1/4 cups of finely chopped veggies. I have used a variety of combinations from the following vegetables; onions, mushrooms, green pepper, …

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Frozen Chocolate Covered Bananas


There has been a little monkey business going on in my kitchen! I make chocolate covered strawberries and I was sure I could do the same with bananas so I had to give it a try. The results were amazing! This is messier than the strawberries but so worth getting a little chocolate on your …

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