Warm Chocolate Pudding & Hot 100 Update Week 6


When I was growing up my mom would make chocolate pudding on the stove for us kids. This was before the days of instant pudding mix! I loved eating it warm out of her ” fancy” glass dessert dishes. It is a fond childhood memory for me. I can still see her standing at the …

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Left Over Turkey? Make Jack Quesadillas with Cranberry Salsa


I had a change of plans for last nights dinner. Some errands had to be done in the afternoon for hubby Tom so I threw everything in the crock pot to make my Beef Stroganoff. It cooked while I was shopping, what a great way to make dinner! It smelled so good when I walked …

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Easy Chicken Enchilada Casserole & Chimichurri Rice FoodFind


I was short on time last night so I pulled out this old tried and true enchilada casserole recipe. Instead of taking the time to roll individual enchiladas everything is layered, lasagna style. If the prospect of rolling enchiladas intimidates you this is the perfect substitute. It tastes like restaurant enchiladas with out all the …

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Chinese Long Beans


It’s the day after the candy rush! Hopefully you don’t have a sugar hang over today!  After church on Sunday we enjoyed lunch with friends at Ruby Tuesdays. I had salmon on salad greens and it was pretty good for a chain restaurant meal. We didn’t pass out candy so there were no temptations in …

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The Best Reduced Fat Pumpkin Pie / Hot 100 Challenge Week 5


My family likes pumpkin pie and they expect to have one on Thanksgiving and Christmas! I have been making this recipe for over 10 years and we love it! It couldn’t be easier and yes, I do cheat and use a store bought crust. This is not a low sugar recipe but it is lower …

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