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Sweet Orange Salmon and Oven Roasted Green Beans With Tomatoes Weight Watchers PointsPlus Friendly Meal


I was craving salmon the other day but instead of going with a tried and true recipe I looked for something new. Since hubby Tom wasn’t going to be home for dinner I went with this spice rub recipe that sounded a little sweet. He doesn’t much care for “sweet” flavors with his main dish …

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Are you Eating A Rainbow?


Have you ever read something that sparked a little light bulb moment for you and your mind keeps going back to it so you know you need to share that light bulb moment and pass it forward? I had one of those moments a couple months back when Andrea from Andrea‚Äôs Wellness Notes left this …

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Salmon Burger Food Find


It’s Friday! It is going to be a gorgeous Fall weekend here. We don’t have any plans for the weekend and it’s nice to have it wide open and so we can take it easy and just enjoy some down time. When we cleaned out the freezer a couple weeks ago I discovered I still …

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Favorite Salmon Recipe and Multi Grain Pilaf


I have been out running errands trying to put a care package together for daughter Katy who is living in Spain. I am having a great time doing this by the way! More about that later after I have hunted and gathered all of her requests! I came home to grab some lunch and do …

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Saying Adios Is Difficult


  It’s official Katy is off to Spain today! The adventure of a lifetime has begun. She made me that purple folder and filled it with all the information she thought I might need about her study abroad program. She is very organized that way – great skills for the future teacher she desires to …

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