My latest food find. You have to try these Nakd Bars!

It’s nice to have some prepackaged bars and snack items to keep in the car, purse, back pack and the pantry for those times that hunger strikes and you just need a little something – something to keep you going until the next meal. I first learned about these bars from my internet friend and Vegan guru Somer from Vedged Out blog. They are similar to a Larabar but they are a tad smaller which also means they are less calories which is a good thing in my book. They are a blend of fresh fruit and nuts which results in a soft yet chewy bar. There are so many different and interesting flavors. I simply can’t choose a favorite!

nakd bars (640x640)

Another thing I like about these bars is they are not overly sweet. I don’t want a sugar crash from my snack and I don’t want my bars to be as sweet as a candy bar. These are the perfect balance of sweetness – you still feel like you have had a treat but for under 200 calories – that’s pretty awesome!

Here is the really great thing you can order a sample box of the nakd bars – you get 13 bars in all for only $9.99 with free shipping! Check it out at Natural Balance Foods.  I was not given any products for free and I wasn’t asked to blog about this product. I am just a really happy consumer and love to share my awesome food finds with you all! I like these bars so much that after I finished my sample box I ordered another 4 boxes! I like all the flavors and I hope you do too!

Nutmeg Notes

Like everyone this time of year I am really busy here. We decided to paint our two spare bedrooms and do a little redecorating in preparation for my parents visit. They will be here next week and they are staying for three weeks!  It’s super exciting for us to have family coming for the holidays. We have lots of fun activities planned while they are here and I know that mom and I are going to have fun in the kitchen together. She is an awesome cook and she loves to bake so we will also need to keep up with our exercise to balance it all out.

Wishing you a blessed holiday season with your family and friends.



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