Favorite Things & Dr Bob’s Giveaway Winner!

I was up before the crack of dawn this morning anxious to use Random.org to see who the winner of the giveaway would be. Thank you to everyone who left comments, shared the post on facebook, liked the facebook pages, followed on Instagram and helped get the word out about Dr. Bob’s Ultimate Baking Mix. We love this product so much and are happy to see it getting a lot of buzz on the internet! If you want to fast forward to the bottom of the page to see who won I don’t blame you, but be sure to scroll back up and take a look at all the wonderful things I have to share today.

Williams Sonoma Microwave Popcorn Popper

Williams Sonoma
Microwave Popcorn

This was a Christmas gift and we love it! It was developed exclusively for Williams Sonoma stores. You can pop 1/3 cup popcorn kernels in it without any oil. It does a superb job of popping. The opening has a rubber lid that fits over it while the popping is happening. The opening is a bit small so it’s a little tricky getting the popped corn out but we just nudge it a little bit with a bamboo skewer to keep it moving. The perfect gift for popcorn lovers!

Costco Sliding Wire Rack Nutmeg Notebook

Costco Sliding Wire Rack
Nutmeg Notebook

This was an awesome find at Costco. We got it quite a while back but I keep forgetting to post about it. We actually purchased two of them for the cabinet under the cook top. Things were so difficult to get in and out there and it was a daily annoyance.

Costco Sliding Wire Rack Nutmeg Notebook

Costco Sliding Wire Rack
Nutmeg Notebook

I don’t have a before photo because while I ran another errand hubby Tom installed the racks and had it all done by the time I got back home. Although we did purchase these a few months ago I did recently see that they still have them in stock at my Costco. It makes getting things in and out of this cabinet so much easier. Hubby said they were very easy to install.

Oloves Nutmeg Notebook

Nutmeg Notebook

Last year I was sent a package of Oloves to try and review on the blog. We enjoyed these awesome little 50 calorie packages of shelf stable olives. The other day when shopping at Costco I was delighted to find that they had them in this variety pack. They are perfect for your lunch box to take to work, keep in the car or to take with with you when traveling.

Kitchen Binz Nutmeg Notebook

Kitchen Binz
Nutmeg Notebook

The good deals at Costco just keep showing up! They sell this variety pack of clear plastic bins for storage in the fridge, pantry or the garage. I just got them and don’t have them all in use yet but some are going in the pantry and some are earmarked for the fridge. I love organizers!

Fitbit Aria Scale Nutmeg Notebook

Fitbit Aria Scale
Nutmeg Notebook

This is our new bathroom scale – Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi scale. That’s right it connects through Wi-Fi  so it can update to your fitbit account. Don’t worry about it sharing your weight with all your fitbit buddies as it automatically defaults to keeping this information private! Hubby Tom said it was a bit tricky to get set up – he actually had to go back and read the instructions! I like having my weight automatically tracked along with my daily fitbit steps and it’s all in the same place. You can access the information on line with your fitbit account or on your smart phone with the fitbit app. It comes in white or black and we opted for the crisp clean look of the white since out bathroom tile is white.

Dr Bob's Ultimate Baking Mix Nutmeg Notebook

Dr Bob’s Ultimate Baking Mix
Nutmeg Notebook

Now what you all really want to know is who won the Dr. Bob’s Ultimate Baking Mix!

I used Random.Org number integer generator – numbered the comments in the order they came in and then entered that information into their application and it came up with the winning number. That number correlated with the comment left by Deb The Healthy Librarian who wrote, “I want to try the chocolate Dr. Bob’s donut flavor.”

Well Deb now you will get your chance! Please email me your shipping information including a phone number and Dr. Bob’s will get your package on it’s way! Congratulations!

Discount For Everyone

If you didn’t win but want to order some of the Dr. Bob’s Ultimate Baking Mix yourself be sure to use the discount code NUTMEG15 - all caps – one word as you check out using the Dr. Bob’s Order Page.

Thank you to Dr. Bob’s Donuts & DoYos for sponsoring this giveaway! It was fun working with them and I wish them much success.

Happy Healthy Eating!



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