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Are your local farmer’s markets up and running? We areย fortunate that our farmer’s market is open every week all year long. That’s one of the perks of living in California. I love seeing what new crops are ready to be shared. If you purchase from the same vendors on a regular basis they usually throw in a few freebies now and then. Yesterday I got some free plums from my favorite orchard. The peaches are to die for. I bought one that was ready to eat immediately and I devoured it right after lunch. Mmmm – so juicy and sweet.

Farmer's Market Nutmeg Notebook

Farmer’s Market
Nutmeg Notebook

The organic strawberries taste like candy – seriously they are so sweet they make me swoon! I already had plenty of greens purchased from Whole Foods and Costco so my purchases were light this time.

Wild Garden Hummus To Go

Wild Garden Hummus To Go Packs
Nutmeg Notebook

Nothing beats home made hummus and I make my own all the time. However what I like about these little packets is that they don’t have to be refrigerated. That’s right – they are shelf stable. That means you can take them on a hike, bike ride, traveling, picnic, lunch box, in your purse, your briefcase – your back pack or your computer bag. Oh my goodness, I saw on tv the other day that fanny packs are making a comeback!!! Can you believe that? I must admit that I used to have a couple of them that I would wear on vacation. My kids will never get over it.

Wild Garden Hummus To Go Packs

Wild Garden Hummus To Go Packs
Nutmeg Notebook

I found this box of 3 at Whole Foods in the chip aisle high on a shelf above the jars of salsa. Individual packs are also sold at Cost Plus World Market. Hummus is such a great source of protein.

Whole Soy & CO

Whole Soy & CO
Nutmeg Notebook

I know I posted about Whole Soy & Co yogurt over a year ago. Shortly after that post they stopped production for almost a year while they built a new factory. I am so happy to have this dairy free option back on the shelves of my Whole Foods store.

Whole Soy & CO

Whole Soy & Co
Nutmeg Notebook

All of the other non dairy brands of yogurt I have tried have been too sweet or had a strange texture. This one isn’t overly sweet and has a nice creamy texture and a pleasant flavor. They also come in a variety of fruit flavors if you prefer. I like to eat mine with fresh fruit, use it in baking, sauces and dips. Yum!

Mary's Gone Crackers

Mary’s Gone Crackers
Nutmeg Notebook

I adore Mary’s Gone Crackers. They are super crisp, tasty and a generous serving size of 13 crackers for just 140 calories.

Mary's Gone Crackers

Mary’s Gone Crackers
Nutmeg Notebook

I don’t think the herb flavor is very pronounced or much different from the regular ones but they still taste good. I found these in the cracker aisle at Whole Foods.You can purchase a larger box of the originonal flavor at Costco. They are delicious with a salad, hummus, vegan cheese or soup.

Lucy's Gluten Free Cookies Nutmeg Notebook

Lucy’s Gluten Free Cookies
Nutmeg Notebook

I dont’ have a problem with gluten so I don’t intentionaly seek out gluten free products. I was however on the hunt for a prepared vegan cookie to keep on hand for a special treat now and then. While browsing the cookie aisle at Whole Foods I stumpbled across these. How perfect that this box contains 3 different types of cookies. Not only do you get variety but there are 3 cookies in each snack ‘n go pack. No being tempted with an open box of cookies – and no worries that once you open it they might go stale. So far I have only tried the chocolate cookie and it was delicious for a store bought cookie.

Lucy's Gluten Free Cookies Snack n' Go Packs Nutmeg Notebook

Lucy’s Gluten Free Cookies Snack n’ Go Packs
Nutmeg Notebook

Yes, you are reading that correctly. Each serving is 3 cookies. Now when I read that I figured they would be about the size of a quarter! Let it be known that they are actually a regular sized cookie – not a jumbo one mind you but a decent size and you can enjoy all three or if you are inclined, you have enough to share! For the record I ate all three of the chocolate ones myself!

Just Tomatoes Nutmeg Notebook

Just Tomatoes
Nutmeg Notebook

Just Tomatoes pretty much sums up this product. They are dried tomato slices that are still kind of chewy. They make a great low calorie snack – they are actually kind of sweet. If you aren’t into such a healthy snack you can layer them into a wrap, put them on a sandwich if you are out of fresh tomatoes, toss them in a salad, into a pasta dish. add to salad dressings and dips or chop some and add them to a bowl of popcorn. Chef AJ (a poplular vegan chef), likes to give them a whirl in a coffee grinder or a spice grinder and use them to flavor various recipes. These can be found near the dried fruit section at Whole Foods or health food stores. I do eat them right out of the bag as snack – weird I know.

Nutmeg Notes

After my first week on thryoid meds for hypothyroidism I have experienced an increase in fatigue, a little dizziness, more hair loss, insomnia and I swear my skin is more itchy than it had been! From what I have read the symptoms can become more intense while the body adjusts to the introduction of the thyroid hormone and then it levels off over the course of the first 6 weeks. Of course it probably didn’t help that I had a colonoscopy thrown in there too with the liquid diet and all that. Let me just say that I am glad that last week is over!

Not to over share but I think it’s important to let you know the out come of the colonoscopy. They found six small polyps that were removed. The doctor said that the colonoscopy screening did exactly what it is supposed to do. Allow him to find polyps before they become cancerous. I got the call today that all of the polyps were benign! Thanks be to God for that. I really wasn’t worried as the doctor had already told me he had no reason to believe they were cancerous. Of course there is always a little twinge of fear until you know for certain. My point for sharing this is that it’s so important to have these medical screenings. The colonoscopy prep is not fun but it’s also not the worse thing either. It’s just one of those unpleasant procedures that needs to be done. I have three years before I have to do it again. Please don’t put off these important screenings.

Did you see my last post about our cholesterol results after a year of eating a plant based diet? If not please check it out here.

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Happy Healthy Eating!


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  1. Andrea@WellnessNotes says:

    I always love your food finds posts!

    I also feel very luck that we have year-round farmes’ markets here. It makes eating in season so much fun, and it’s delicious!

    I’m glad you got those polyps removed and that they are benign! And, yes, screenings are so important!

    1. Tami says:

      We are so lucky to live where we live Andrea! Hope you are having a great week!

  2. Cindy says:

    Thanks for posting where the recommended food item is located within Whole Foods!

    1. Tami says:

      Cindy you are welcome! I know that not all the stores are set up the same but it’s a starting point! Happy shopping. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Jody - Fit at 56 says:

    So sorry about the effects of the meds.. ๐Ÿ™ Hope it gets better!!!! YES to a good outcome on the colonoscopy!!!

    You know I stopped at the cookie pic for a while! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I still go for my real & big ones! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Tami says:

      Hi Jody! Oh yes these cookies are too small for your weekend treats! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Cammy@TippyToeDiet says:

    Well done on getting the screening out of the way! So many people avoid it because it’s just plain not-fun, but it’s a really critical test.

    I’ve seen the Whole Soy at Kroger and wondered if it was good. I might give it a try one of these days.

    1. Tami says:

      Hi Cammy! I have served the Whole Soy Yogurt to guests who never even knew they were eating a soy yogurt – it’s that good! You are right a lot of folks don’t get the screening because the prep sounds so awful! It’s life saving though and wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

  5. Lori says:

    Glad your screening test came out okay! I don’t know why people avoid colonoscopies. Even if you need to be checked more frequently – it is usually only every couple of years and most people 5 to 10 years. Such a life saving test.

    1. Tami says:

      Hi Lori! I hope people decide to go ahead and get the health screenings and set their fears aside!

      Have a great weekend!

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