Batch Cooking Boot Camp Lesson Files

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  • Tami Kramer
    2021-08-17 15:00:10
    Hi Rivka, The Batch Cooking seminar with Chef AJ was a one time event so I am sorry we don't have a replay available. Warmest regards, Tami
  • Tami Kramer
    2021-08-10 13:52:22
    We will send them to you again, please be sure to check your junk email folder. Thanks.
  • Rivka Avramson
    2021-08-10 07:18:35
    I signed up and subscribed but didn't receive my recipes Enjoy watching You and Tom reminds me of my husband who had a fatal stroke in 2001. I am trying to really get on board with WFPB Rivka
  • Rivka Avramson
    2021-08-10 07:15:43
    Can I purchase the video for batch cooking with chef AJ February 5th 2021 Rivka
  • Tami Kramer
    2021-05-15 16:26:21
    This was a fee based class that we did as a collaboration with some other people and it is no longer available.
  • kassiekw
    2021-05-14 14:59:45
    Ok it’s saying I’ve watch this class but I have not. How do I watch it is it still available?
  • kassiekw
    2021-05-14 14:33:38
    Good morning, I’m trying to watch this video, is it no longer available?
  • Tami Kramer
    2021-03-30 13:20:58
    Congratulations on your plant based lifestyle!
  • Cindy Shotton
    2021-03-22 16:54:49
    I had Crohn's disease and really working on adapting the plant based cooking and lifestyle. I am on no medication at this time. I am slowly adding raw vegetables and more rough fiber foods.
  • Scott
    2021-03-01 17:38:31
    Hello, enjoy your web site. This is a little confusing, is the batch cooking boot camp FREE or is there a charge ? Thanks Scott Shortall