Batch Cooking With Tami Course Introduction

Tami Kramer from Nutmeg Notebook  

Welcome to Tami Kramer’s “Batch Cooking With Tami” Course. You can watch the introductory video above for free. Just click on the Red Button.

We invite you to purchase the course to learn all about the “What, When, Why, and How” of batch cooking, to support your quest to live a healthy, whole food, plant based life style. The course contains a 108 page eBook & course guide that includes over 50 of Tami’s recipes. There are 10 lesson modules containing 32 videos, totaling over 15 hours of comprehensive instruction. Tami will cover batch cooking concepts, techniques, and stratagies, as well as specific recipe demonstrations. The eBook is in Module 1, where it can be downloaded to your device by clicking on the print button.

We hope to see you in class! Happy Batch Prepping

Tami & Tom Kramer – Nutmeg Notebook

The following are a few concepts Tami includes in the course…

Work Smarter, Not Harder in The Kitchen” 

Avoid Decision Fatigue when it comes to meal prep by learning how to automate your meals to decrease the stress of menu planning, grocery shopping and cooking, without compromising your desire for healthy food choices. 

Learn efficient meal prep and time saving tips for the kitchen by, organizing your pantry, refrigerator and kitchen so you can work more efficiently.  

See what a difference the containers you choose for food storage can have and discover what kitchen tools can help save time and frustration. 

Learn what batch prepping is and how you can take advantage of some simple ideas that you can implement right away that will trim your time in the kitchen, cut down on food waste and help you make healthy food choices. 

When your refrigerator is full of ready to eat healthy food, you will eat healthy food! 

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