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Prep It – Beautiful Chopped Salads

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  • Janet Alexander
    2022-06-25 16:09:04
    Hi Tami, Eager to start your course, but unable to access purchased course. Already registered. Tried using janet.alexander and email as user name, does not work and now i have used too many attempts to login.
  • Tami Kramer
    2022-05-01 21:54:03
    Hi Sloane, Go back to the Prep It Video and underneath it you will see a tab titled Lesson Attachment, that is what you click on to access the PDF, further down on the page are the instructions on how to download the PDF to your device. Happy Chopping!
  • Sloane Petrillo
    2022-05-01 17:24:33
    Hello, I have watched the videos but cannot find the pdf. Please help me find it. Thank you, Sloane
  • Tami Kramer
    2022-03-02 01:19:31
    Hi Marilyn. In order to access the class you need to open the PDF that goes with the course. Inside on the first page titled How To Access the Course Material are the instructions for you to follow. If you need further assistance there is an email contact on the bottom of that page for support. Enjoy the videos! Happy Chopping!
  • Marilyn
    2022-03-01 12:14:50
    Purchased the UWL bundle how do I get access to your videos