Beautiful Chopped Salad Course Introduction

Tami Kramer’s Beautiful Chopped Salad Course

Welcome to Tami Kramer’s Beautiful Chopped Salad Course. Please feel free to view the introductory video here for free. To learn more you may proceed to purchase the course to receive over 2 1/2 hours of instruction spread over multiple recipe specific videos. You will also receive the complete PDF eBook on How to prepare for and make Beautiful Chopped Salads and more. The e-Book is an attachment in the next module “Prep-It”. It is found by clicking on the little paperclip icon in the upper right hand corner next to the  “NEXT–>”   button.

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  • Tami Kramer
    2023-03-13 18:59:53
    The page layout changed so the "Lesson Attachment" button is no longer there. The PDF is now found by clicking on the paper clip icon in the "Prep It" module. On a PC it is found in the upper right hand corner once you open the module. Click on it and the pdf link will appear. if you need further assistance email
    2023-03-13 10:09:09
    Having trouble finding the pdf It says click the paper clip icon. Do t have a paper clip icon Read some comments and saw a ln instruction that said to click the lesson attachment The lessons appear. It nothing to open a pdf
  • Tami Kramer
    2022-02-22 18:24:12
    Hi Niki - thank you so much for letting us know. Tom went in and fixed it so you should be able to watch it now. Live Well, Tami
  • Niki Sabatini
    2022-02-22 15:02:00
    Hi! I can’t access the “prep it” video. It skips to the “chop it” video. Thanks!