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Even though we have been busy with household chores helping our daughter and her hubby fix up the house they bought we did manage a trip to Costco and Sam’s Club this past week. You never know what you are going to find at these stores. The stock  changes all the time and if you see something you “think” you want it’s best to go ahead and get it right then. If you wait and go back they might be sold out and if it was a seasonal item you’ll have to wait another year to see if they carry it again!

Seeds Of Change Quinoa  Brown Rice Nutmeg Notebook

Seeds Of Change
Quinoa Brown Rice
Nutmeg Notebook

Sam’s Club is starting to offer more and more organic food options like this Seeds of Change Quinoa & Brown Rice ready to heat and serve packets. They are quite tasty and so convenient when you need a grain in a hurry.

Mexican Quinoa Rice & Beans Nutmeg Notebook

Mexican Quinoa Rice & Beans
Nutmeg Notebook

It’s perfect for this quick and easy Mexican Quinoa Brown Rice & Beans recipe. This Seeds of Change product is also sold at Costco and I keep it on hand for when I don’t have time or perhaps the desire to cook it from scratch. Yes even food bloggers have nights when they don’t feel like cooking!

tru-roots Organic Quinoa Nutmeg Notebook

tru-roots Organic Quinoa
Nutmeg Notebook

If you like quinoa and eat it as much as we do then you will find this to be a real savings! This was another new product at Sam’s Club. It’s also sold at Costco. It adds a nice texture and ups the protein in chili, soups and sauces. There are so many wonderful quinoa salads you can use this in.

California Quinoa Mango Salad

California Quinoa Mango Salad Nutmeg Notebook

Whole Foods sells a salad like this that I love so I had to come up with a version of my own for

  California Quinoa Mango Salad

Quinoa Bean Salad Nutmeg Notebook

Quinoa Bean Salad
Nutmeg Notebook

I need to make this one again soon as it’s a family favorite  Quinoa Bean Salad.

African Quinoa Peanut Stew Nutmeg Notebook

African Quinoa Peanut Stew
Nutmeg Notebook

If you need something to warm you up try this African Quiona Peanut Stew a great company dish!

Organic Brown Basmati Rice Nutmeg Notebook

Organic Brown Basmati Rice
Nutmeg Notebook

Brown Basmati Rice has a wonderful flavor and now you can get it at Sam’s Club. When I buy these large bags of brown rice I store them in the freezer to keep them from getting rancid.

Fiesta Rice Nutmeg Notebook

Fiesta Rice
Nutmeg Notebook

Use Brown Basmati Rice in this recipe for my Fiesta Rice it’s so flavorful.

Muir Glen Organic Tomatoes Nutmeg Notebook

Muir Glen Organic Tomatoes
Nutmeg Notebook

What a nice surprise to find Muir Glen Organic Tomatoes at Sam’s Club.

Muir Glen Organic Tomatoes Nutmeg Notebook

Muir Glen Organic Tomatoes
Nutmeg Notebook

With chili, stew and soup season upon us canned tomatoes come in so handy and I find myself using them often.

Vegetarian Black Bean & Soy Chorizo Chili


Like in this amazing Vegan Black Bean & Soy Chorizo Chili recipe. I have served this to many non/vegan/non plant eaters who have also enjoyed it. No need to tell them it’s meatless!

Way to go Sam’s Club on all the awesome organic products. Now if they would start selling more organic produce I would be even happier! I shop at both Sam’s and Costco and I like both stores. Costco does offer a lot more organic produce and organic shelf stable items but Sam’s Club is adding more all the time. Not pictured but also seen where organic chia seeds! Lucky for me I live close to both big box stores. When in a hurry I run over to Sam’s Club as the lines are always shorter than at Costco.

Nutmeg Notebook

Yesterday was moving day for daughter Katy and her hubby. We started early in the morning loading the moving truck and with many helpers we had everything unloaded shortly after lunch. By late afternoon we had the bed made, clothes put away and hung up in the closet, found the ironing board, iron, distilled water and the spray starch so they can iron clothes for church this morning and got the kitchen all unpacked and put away! Of course there is still plenty of organizing and putting away to be done but at least the house is functional. We have some painting touch ups to do and some small repairs still on our list but over all the house is looking fantastic!

It feels pretty quiet this morning without Katy and Esau here to join us for morning tea and coffee. I expect we shall see them later today as they still have laundry here to pick up. We are so happy that they are only a 10 minute drive away and 15-20 minutes by bicycle and I expect that we will get to see them often.

Happy Healthy Eating!


Do you shop at Costco or Sam’s Club?

Do you have any new food finds to share?


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  1. Andrea@WellnessNotes says:

    We shop at Costco every few weeks and alternate between the one closest to our house and the one near our son’s school. The one by our son’s school has a much better selection of organic products, including almond flour, coconut flour, and Qia cereal.

    The Seeds of Change packets are very convenient to have around!

    I can imagine that you are missing your daughter and son-in-law after having them live with you and helping them so much with their house! Glad they are nearby.

    1. Tami says:

      It’s interesting how different Costco stores have different stock. The one closest to me has the most organic produce and shelf stable items. There is one in Sacramento I like to stop in when we get nearby because it carries products I ve never seen at my local store.

      We are so lucky here in Ca to have so much organic food available all year long!

  2. Biz says:

    I never thought to store rice in the freezer – great idea Tami! We belong to Sam’s Club – I get my membership free through the law firm I work at – best deal on eggs and baby spinach! 😀

    1. Tami says:

      It’s hard to beat the big box store prices Biz!

  3. Pat Brooks says:

    Nice recipes! I also use those tomatoes often for a healthy dish. Sam’s Club is definitely the place to go.

    I’m all for healthy/organic foods. I’m curious to know where else you get yours. I also think and your husband might be interested in healthy restaurants on Smashon. Have you heard of it?

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