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“Fridge Love” – Strategies for organizing your fridge, with author Kristen Hong

Shared from our YouTube series, Tami interviews Kristen Hong, Author of “Fridge Love.” Kristen writes the blog “hellonutritarian.com”, where she shares about fridge organization, meal prep, and plant-based recipes, and runs a successful Instagram of the same name (@hellonutritarian), where she showcases her well-organized and gorgeously styled fridge photos.

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Apple Citrus Chopped Salad with Crispy JSP Croutons

This is one of my all time favorite chopped salads. Everyone loves this salad – the sweet potato croutons are incredible. It is everything you want a fall or winter salad to have. Crunchy apples, citrus and pomegranate seeds make it a nutrient dense meal that is also figure friendly.

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Basmati White Rice in the Instant Pot

Tom’s method for a “granular/el dente” version of white rice for use in many types of meal assembly.

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Batch Cooking With Tami Course Guide and Recipe eBook

Comprehensive Course presentation materials and “Batch Cooking With Tami” eBook. IMPORTANT NOTE… Click on the “Paper Clip” icon in the upper right corner of this page to open/download the PDF to your device. Not the print button below.

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Batch Cooking With Tami Course Introduction

Tami Kramer from Nutmeg Notebook   Welcome to Tami Kramer’s “Batch Cooking With Tami” Course. You can watch the introductory video above for free. Just click on the Red Button. We invite you to purchase the course to learn all about the “What, When, Why, and How” of batch cooking, to support your quest to live…

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